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How to Tell if it’s Time to go Back to School

Are you limited by your current qualifications? Has your earning potential seemed to have maxed out in your current role? Going back to school is a personal decision… one that requires thought. Returning to school will require resources of time and money. We usually think about the impact on our family, our current position and are often discouraged by the thought of “starting over”. For some of us, school was hard enough the first time and the idea of continuing seems unnecessary… Or is that just what we tell ourselves.

All of these rationalizations are focusing on the short term impact of obtaining new skills. In the long-term, preparing for the future with certifications in a high-growth field, we will prepare ourselves to maximize our potential to earn more and be prepared to grasp suitable opportunities.

Here are the top ways to tell if it’s time to go back to school:

  • You are searching for a challenge. Enrolling in a program of interest will provide you with the mental stimulation that you may have been missing, all while providing you with marketable career skills.
  • Maybe you love your job and have been with the company for years, continuing education provides you with the most current techniques. And asserts to your supervisors that you want to remain on the cutting edge of your field’s technology… you may even be able to get tuition reimbursement to support your continuing education
  • You are unfulfilled in your current position and your lack of credentials is holding you back from that promotion
  • You are ready to transition to a new field.

Be straight with yourself. By gaining new certifications at FVI School of Nursing and Technology’s programs, you are able to invest in your future affordably and most programs are under a year. Is your career growth and increase job satisfaction worth investing a year?… Not to mention the increased earning potential.

Certifications in your field equip you with the marketability to find a more rewarding career. “According to a report released by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, by the year 2020, of the predicted 55 million job openings, 64 percent of jobs will require at least a ‘postsecondary education.’[1] In less than five years, 64% of jobs will require some sort of certification. Prepare for your future now and decide if it’s time for you to gain the skills necessary to differentiate yourself in the job market. At FVI School of Nursing and Technology, “we aim to improve employability and inspire life long career growth, thereby improving the life quality of individuals in our community.”[2] Review our programs for career development and decide whether you are ready to invest in your future. Only you will know when the time is right. Just make sure that you aren’t holding yourself back from improving your quality of life.