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FVI Instructor Freddy Tovar talks about his life at FVI School of Nursing and Technology

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Professor Freddy Tovar
Doctor Freddy Tovar,  FVI Instructor at the Miami Campus

Tell us about you and your professional background

Hello, my name is Freddy Tovar I am Colombian by birth. I’ve lived in the United States for 13 years, and I am a Doctor, graduated from the National University with over twenty-five years clinical experience of over .

I’ve been in the healthcare industry for the 13 years. I’ve been living in the country, working in a blood bank, as well as in my entire career in Colombia, working as a teacher at the Bosque university. I also worked and the intensive unit care for burn victims at the Simon Bolivar Hospital in Bogota, and a variety of clinics. I have a Master’s in hospital management. In Bogota, I founded the college for medical auditors, and I did a specialization in pharmacoepidemiology.  I have had a great experience working with the community.

Talk to us about life at FVI School of Nursing and Technology

Ever since I came to this country I’ve been working and teaching at FVI School of Nursing and Technology for the past three years at the Miami Campus where I’ve had the opportunity of teaching many students. All of them different and all of them extraordinary. Groups that only spoke English as well as other groups where there was a mix of American students as well as immigrants from Latin America.

What’s a class like with Freddy Tovar?

Working at FVI School of Nursing and Technology is a great experience for us because we can pass what we know to them. A class with me is a dynamic class.  I love interacting with the students, love to see them learning FVI School of Nursing and Technology is most of the times the first time they are stepping into this industry and they are starting a new life. This state is an inexhaustible source of employment in the world of healthcare! What happens in a class with me? The new student arrives, he/she are very curious to have a lot to ask, usually with the ability to achieve things they don’t even know.

So, what I do is to bring out the best in them. teaching them, but also giving them the opportunity to investigate, interact with me and others, and make good use of the equipment, and the media we have to offer. Always trying to educate on the trends of the internet, social media, and more. We also have our traditional resources, all of this with the goal of pushing the student towards a better future. So, they can be part of the American Society, understand the culture and what this country has to offer them related to healthcare.

My students have the opportunity of presenting their work in class. A class that has several steps. Where we as instructors tell them what we know, where the student develops and researches, where we motivate them to develop the capacity of public speaking, a skillset this is crucial because in the healthcare field everyone needs to be able to communicate in a variety of aspects with patients A Medical assistant is the extension of a doctor. A patient care tech is a person caring for a human being, but they exist within an organization and must follow a set of rules and we will be teaching them. Remember that the United States is a country that honors certifications.  In this country those who get certified is a person that can keep climbing the mountain of success, earning a better future.

What motivates you?

What motivates us to work here? That we are closer to progress, to the future, close to people who have needs. When that new student crosses our door full of hope and expectations, we are able to identify their potential to project them to the end of the goal which is to graduate with opportunity for a better future, to be a respectable human being that believes in himself and is very useful to this world and to this country which offers many possibilities with the expectation as immigrants to become productive members of society. At FVI School of Nursing and Technology we can help you all to accomplish that change, that new life. Remember, when you leave FVI this will always be your home. We have a lot of students that keep returning to us to remember those good times. It’s all there in our media, you can check our story there.

We hope to see you all here! The students that are already here know it and the students that are about to join us, you must give yourself a chance to really get to know us!

Thank you!



Freddy Tovar is a bilingual doctor, qualified in Colombia, with thirty-five years of experience working in the medical services field. He has experience working in emergency room trauma centers and spent many years working in the burn units of large hospitals in Bogota, Colombia. Dr. Tovar was the Founder and President of the Colombian College of Medical Auditors. He presently works as an instructor at FVI School of Nursing and Technology.



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