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A Conversation with Jorge Gomez, Program Director for Allied Health.

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Jorge Gomez
Allied Health Program Director, Jorge Gomez sitting at his office.

Today I am here at the lab of the brand-new campus of FVI in Miramar, Florida, meeting with Jorge Gomez, Director of the Allied Health programs.  We talked about the programs and what can you expect when you join the FVI School of Nursing and Technology family.

Jorge, tell us about your role at FVI.

As the program director, my main role is to make sure that all the instructors are trained appropriately and that all the programs that we offer have enough valuable information so the students can work once he or she leaves the school.  We usually host conferences with potential employers to gather all the necessary information so we can create better and more effective programs, with the goal of producing employable students once they are finished with the programs.

So, you teach classes too?

Yes, the students have had a class with me on many occasions, especially when it comes to EKG and Phlebotomy. But I spent most of my time working in the programs and other

Is Phlebotomy a field that students can work on once they are done?

In the case of a medical assistant who works in an office, drawing blood and doing EKGs is part of their daily routine. All that in addition to the administrative work that they must do every day. Students can become Phlebotomists at the school once they get a national license. With that, they can work at hospitals as phlebotomists.

For the people who are interested in joining FVI, please tell us what that’s like?

FVI is a school where all the students feel at home. One of the best things is the good ambiance, great vibes. Not only the academic part (which is very important) but that part where we all together, helping each other, and that it’s just beautiful.  At FVI, students and professors are like family that help each other out, no matter what.


If a student asked for your advice what would that be?

Perseverance is extremely important. There will be obstacles and that’s adulthood, but the important thing is that we must persevere. We can sort out any challenge and move on. The main thing is to have a strong desire to learn because if you do, you can. Also, having the right attitude is important as well. If I have a can-do and I will do it attitude, I will learn.

What are your expectations for the new Miramar campus?

I believe this campus is going to be extremely successful. We are now at this wonderful lab where the students are going to learn phlebotomy and EKG, just like they are doing it now at the Miami Campus. Both campuses will share the same vision and that vision precisely is that all students get first-class, hands-on training and that they will get the right information and skills that you must have to join the world of healthcare. We do that every day in Miami, and here at the Miramar campus, we will be doing just the same.

Who is Jorge Gomez?

I am from Cuba where I studied to be a Biologist. After I left Cuba and arrived in this country, just like many of the students that have attended our school, I joined a school just like this one. I studied to be an EKG Technician, then I started to work at hospitals where they asked me to teach, and I’ve been doing that for over 30 years.

You can email Jorge at [email protected]

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