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8 Keys to Student Success

Succeeding in school is an easy task with proper planning. FVI School of Nursing and Technology’s mission is to help students excel. Our instructors have a history of helping students succeed. Here are eight keys to ensuring that your student career is as successful as the one that awaits your future.

  • Stay Organized

While initially daunting, a good organization system saves time while making you more efficient and productive. Keeping organized will help you be prepared for your courses and help you to stay ahead. Organization will allow you to prioritize your obligations and ensure successful completion.

  • Talk to Your Instructors

Your instructors are available to assist with your success. Learn their expectations of you, as a student; communicate setbacks; do not avoid your instructors when you are not performing well… seek them out! FVI School of Nursing and Technology was founded by professionals with over ten years academic experience. Our goal is to watch each of our students succeed.

  • Find a Good Place to Study

While you may enjoy the comfort of your living room, this may not be your most productive workspace. Find a good place to study: your neighborhood coffee shop, bookstore, or library to start. You may have to try a few places to find the right setting.

  • Minimize Distractions

Many people have difficulty minimizing daily distractions. You can begin this process by creating a schedule. Setting aside time for schoolwork, you are able to create an environment of productivity. Scheduling is helpful when you are managing a family or work, you’ll also have your appointment with your books.

  • Don’t Cram

Okay… so you didn’t schedule and you have an exam in two weeks… Re-prioritize. Cramming will put you at a disadvantage; you will be under unnecessary stress; you will not produce your best work, and you will not grasp the material that will be essential for your later success. Instead, create a consistent schedule to dedicate time to your program. This way you will expand your knowledge without the need to cram.

  • Find Someone More Motivated Than You Are

Seek out the person eager to succeed. It will be an exercise in networking. The motivation will be contagious. You will realize the dedication that will help you be that successful student. This relationship will help you to learn to manage your program with life’s challenges.

  • Stay Healthy

Eat right, sleep regularly. It’s easier said than done. However, by ensuring your good health, you will be able to meet the obligations of your program. If you are ill, you are likely to fall behind in your work. Work towards good health and minimize these risks to your success.

  • Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Make a vision board… or don’t.  But, be sure to envision what success will be! Are you working towards a promotion or a new career? Keep your goals clear. Some days won’t be sun and roses, keeping your eye on the prize will help you to maintain the focus needed to succeed!


At FVI School of Nursing and Technology, our goal is to prepare our students for success. These tasks will help you to stay on track and begin your fruitful career.