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Can I Take the NCLEX Before I Graduate?


NCLEX Nursing School

After graduation, your next thought is end-of-program licensure examinations. You may wonder whether you can take the NCLEX exam and obtain your license before graduating. Unfortunately, you cannot sit for the NCLEX exam before you graduate from a nursing program. The best decision you can make is to begin your NCLEX prep early by enrolling in nursing schools that offer a NCLEX review course alongside their nursing programs. This article will discuss some important things you need to know, from NCLEX exam eligibility and registration to the FVI School of Nursing & Technology’s NCLEX review course that guarantees a 90.9% NCLEX first-time pass rate.

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What is NCLEX Exam

The NCLEX exam is a nationwide test for nurses. The state to which you apply for your NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) will grant you licensure to practice once you pass. Test takers can either register for the NCLEX-RN if they have an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in nursing or NCLEX-PN if they are Practical Nursing Diploma holders.

When Can You Take the NCLEX Exam?

Although the timeline varies depending on your state, the earliest you can take your NCLEX exam is approximately 45 days after graduation. In addition to state-specific requirements, the time it can take you to sit for your NCLEX exam depends on factors such as the authorization-to-test waiting period. However, graduates must pass their NCLEX exam within three years after graduation.

How to Apply for the NCLEX

Test takers can register for the NCLEX exam once they graduate from an accredited nursing school. Successful graduation is the first prerequisite. You can follow these two steps to apply for the NCLEX exam:

  • Submit your application to the Nursing Regulatory Board for licensure.
  • Apply for the NCLEX exam through Person VUE.

How Long Do You Have to Take the NCLEX Test?

You have a five-hour time limit to take your NCLEX test. However, these five hours include the time you spend on breaks, during the introductory process, and during the actual NCLEX test-taking.

When Does NCLEX NextGen Start?

The NCSBN is expected to begin administering the NextGen NCLEX exams on April 1, 2023. The Next Generation NCLEX is the next exam version expected to measure clinical judgment ability.

Benefit from FVI School of Nursing & Technology’s NCLEX Prep Course

Enroll in FVI School of Nursing & Technology to access faculty who can help you pass the NCLEX-RN and NextGen NCLEX-RN (NGN) exam. FVI received a first-time pass rate of 90.9% in 2022, the highest first-time pass rate of ALL other accredited AD-RN programs in both Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

At FVI School of Nursing, the nursing programs’ curriculums have been developed to include clinical judgment exercises, NCLEX review classes, and video tutorials.

Our nursing graduates receive adequate training and preparation to take and pass their NCLEX-RN and the NextGen NCLEX-RN exams on their first attempt.

FVI’s Associate of Science in Nursing program prepares students to join a rapidly growing workforce.

Learn more about NCLEX Prep Course:

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