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NCLEX Study Tips and Strategy to Pass the First Time


The NCLEX exam is one of the more intimidating and difficult exams nurses are required to pass to become licensed. Once completed, you will be able to start your career as a nurse. How can we get over this hurdle and onto the next phase in your medical career?

One of the most important NCLEX study tips we can offer is to simply relax. Nursing students put so much pressure on themselves to pass this exam that they come to hate it. Take a few deep breaths if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Remember that you can retake the test if you don’t pass it the first time. Preparation is key, especially the right kind of preparation. Here are a few NCLEX study tips that will help you pass the NCLEX the first time.


1 – Plan Meaningful Study Time in Advance

It is difficult to cram for an exam that tests critical thinking skills because critical thinking is like a muscle – it has to be exercised consistently and often.

If you spend long periods of time studying, you will be able to commit the knowledge to your long-term memory, which will help you build this critical thinking muscle.


2 – Take the Practice Tests

Take as many of the practice tests as you can and do it often. Answer free NCLEX practice questions and gauge your improvement.

The important takeaway from the NCLEX practice tests is to not overthink answers. It is easy for students to overthink answers, and it’s a trap that most fall into. The practice test should prepare you for the kinds of answers you should expect to give.

Check the medical vocational school you attended to see if they have a free practice test or NCLEX review course you can take.


3 – Visualize the Scenarios

Unlike traditional pass/fail tests that score your ability to recall information and nursing knowledge, the NCLEX tests your ability to analyze scenarios and apply your knowledge to come out with the best possible solution.

What helps here is to visualize the situations. Put yourself in that situation and use the information based on what you’ve been taught in nursing school to find the solution. Stick to what you know.


4 – Teach It to a Friend or Family Member

One of the best ways to study for the NCLEX is to explain this situation to a friend or family member. Become the teacher. Spend time explaining the steps, the process, and the potential outcomes.

The best NCLEX study tips focus on improving your critical thinking skills. You can improve these skills by explaining answers in both the written and verbal form. Teaching a friend is a great way to verbalize your answers.


5 – Consider an NCLEX Test Prep & Review Course

As mentioned before, the NCLEX exam is difficult and one of the requirements to become a licensed nurse. Some nurses, especially those who are struggling to pass the exam, will take an NCLEX test prep course to increase the chances of passing the exam.

This is especially the case if you want to pass the NCLEX the first time.

FVI offers an NCLEX test prep course and a pass guarantee. Our medical school instructors are confident that you will not only be prepared for the NCLEX exam, but for the real-world scenarios rooted in these questions.

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