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How to Prepare for the NCLEX Exam


The NCLEX or National Council Licensure Exam exists to determine if a person is ready to work at an entry-level position as a registered nurse. This type of exam covers the information you learned in nursing school, but it places an emphasis on thinking critically about the material. For example, during this exam, you will have to apply what you have learned in school to a scenario.

The NCLEX exam is comprehensive, and it can give you anywhere from 75 to 265 questions. This exam has a maximum time limit of six hours. It is essential that you prepare for your NCLEX exam. This is a pass/fail exam, and there are many people that do not pass the exam on their first attempt. If you do not pass the exam, you will be able to take the test again after 45 days. You will also receive a diagnostic profile that gives you an evaluation of your test performance so that you are able to better prepare for next time. If you need some tips for preparing for this test, check out what we have below.


Tips for Prepping for you NCLEX Exam

There are many different ways to review for your NCLEX exam. Check out a few different options below.

  • Review Your Old Nursing TestsOld nursing tests and study guides could be a great way to begin to review for you NCLEX exam. You will need to know the information from those exams, but you will also need to be able to apply that knowledge.
  • Prepare with a Partner – Do you have a friend from your nursing program that also needs to study? Working with someone can be a great way to be sure you are covering the material and understanding it properly. Studying with someone else can also help keep you motivated, so it could be a great idea for you.
  • Take Practice Exams-There are a lot of practice exams out there for the NCLEX exam. Taking some practice tests can really help you see where you are at and what areas you need to spend more time on. These exams are also a good way to make sure you are critically thinking about the material.
  • Take a NCLEX Review Course – If you are not sure where to begin, or if you have failed to pass your NCLEX exam already, a review course could be a great option for you. The review course at FVI School of Nursing and Technology is led by an experience registered nurse that is ready to help you learn the material you need to succeed on your exam. The course is customized based on your strengths and weaknesses to give you the best chance of passing.

As discussed above, there are many different study strategies. However, one strategy with proven results is taking a test prep course. Learn more about the test prep course at FVI below.


About FVI’s NCLEX Test Prep Course

If you think you may need some help reviewing for your NCLEX exam, you can take a review course with FVI School of Nursing and Technology. Our course is effective because we work to customize the learning to your needs. To do this, we ask you to provide us with some key information about you. We collect your nursing diploma, the transcript from your nursing program, and the standardization program exit exam from nursing school. Also, if you have already taken the NCLEX exam and you did not pass, we ask that you give us your exam report. We take this information and use to help you review for your NCLEX exam.

FVI School of Nursing and Technology has an NCLEX exam prep course that could help you pass your exam and get to your great career as a registered nurse. The program is 32 total hours over the course of eight weeks. One day a week, usually on Fridays, you will meet from 9 am to 1 pm to go through a custom training program to prepare you for your exam.

During the test prep course, you will do many different things, but one thing you will do is get a practice exam every time you meet. This will help you stay on top of your studies and really see where you are in terms of getting ready for the exam. You will also get a comprehensive exam on week eight of the program. This comprehensive exam will show you if you are ready for the NCLEX exam.

If you would like to learn more about FVI School of Nursing and Technology and our NCLEX Test Prep Course, you can click here. This course a great way for you to get started on your career. You can start to gain confidence in your test-taking abilities through this NCLEX Test Prep course.

For more information about graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website:

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