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Should you Attend Pharmacy Technician School?

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Pharmacy Tech School

The field of Pharmacy has long been an important part of the health care industry. While physicians are responsible for diagnosing a patient, they entrust the pharmacist and pharmacist technician to provide continuing care with prescription treatment for their ailments. The job of pharmacy technicians is evolving into an increasingly important career.

Pharmacy Technician Courses are available to produce qualified, confident professionals that are equipped with all of the knowledge necessary to thrive successfully in this exciting field. FVI School of Nursing and Technology has a Pharmacy Technician Program in Miami Florida. If considering attending a Pharmacy Tech School in 2017, you should look no further than this training program.

Benefits of a Career as a Pharmacy Technician

Anyone with a love for the medical field should consider if pharmacy tech school would be a good choice for them. While school to become a full-fledged pharmacist is costly, long, and requires extensive training with arduous tests, professionals looking to emerge into this career have the exciting option of considering pharmacy technician training. Graduates of this program meet all requirements necessary to adequately perform the functions of this job. Pharmacy technicians have the exciting benefit of being able to work alongside the pharmacist, assisting them to ensure that all prescriptions are dispensed accurately. Experience in this field is great for resumes and the career growth potential is good. Pharmacy technicians enjoy a fulfilling career knowing they can play an active role in helping a patient with their healthcare.

Pharmacy Technician at FVI School of Nursing and Technology

Job Duties

The many job duties that are a part of the pharmacy technicians daily work tasks keep this field of work exciting and varied. The pharmacy technician receives the prescription from the patient and performs many different duties to process these prescriptions such as processing the patient’s insurance, counting out pills or measuring liquids, labeling prescriptions accurately, and filling the prescription for customer pick up. If a problem should arise in the cost of the prescription for an insurance patient, the pharmacy technician must communicate with the insurance company to alert the doctor to a more affordable option for the patient and gain approval. If the patient is a cash paying patient they can recommend a comparable, more affordable alternative to the doctor. Additionally, pharmacy technicians may have to compound specialized prescription doses and maintain drug inventory. Upon graduation of our pharmacy technician training program, our graduates can efficiently meet the requirements to perform their job duties.

Career Options

Another added benefit of this exciting career are the many career options available to graduates upon entering the workforce. Some of the prosperous career options include Nursing Care Facilities, Private and Chain Drug Stores, Hospitals (private and government), Drug Manufacturers, Wholesale Drug Houses, Health Maintenance Organizations, and Mail Order Pharmacies. Our school will ensure that upon graduation you will have an extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical technology, pharmacy law, pharmacy ethics, record keeping skills, and pharmacology to ensure that whichever setting you decide to pursue, you can have career success with the right work ethic and training.

The Future of the Pharmacy Technician

When looking for answers on how to become a pharmacy technician, look no further than FVI School of Nursing and Technology. Graduates of this field enjoy a rewarding experience as they can play an active role in helping patients with their healthcare needs. Upon graduating our pharmacy technician courses you will confidently be able to identify both generic and brand name drugs, calculate the correct dosage of prescriptions utilizing different measuring systems, apply techniques of compounding prescriptions and mix different drugs customized to specific patient needs, and have the knowledge of the laws and ethics that apply to the practice of pharmacy.

Our school has a great reputation for producing qualified graduates which increase the career potential to our students. We will work alongside you every step of the way to get your questions answered and ensure that you are equipped with all the tools necessary to succeed in your new career. Call our qualified staff today. We look forward to speaking to you and getting you started with training in the rewarding career of a pharmacy technician.


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