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Become A Medical Assistant

If you are interested in joining the healthcare profession, but you’re not yet ready to commit to full time study for a nursing degree, then a medical assistant program could be a great choice for you. With a medical assistant certificate, you could complete your qualification within 12 months of full time study, and you’ll be prepared to enter the industry with great job opportunities and competitive salary offers.

If you’ve been curious about how to become a medical assistant, then taking a look at the FVI School of Nursing and Technology CCMA program should be your first step.

When Can You Begin Study?

A certificate program will be available to you after graduating from high school. The postsecondary non-degree award will be recognized throughout the industry, and you’ll find better job opportunities if you’re already qualified, especially when compared to applicants who would need on the job training.

At FVI, we run regular programs to train students for the medical assistant certificate exam. All learning and testing is performed in-house, and the study program has been designed to provide comprehensive technical learning in relation to the medical assistant role. In addition to getting you ready for the technical aspects of the role and the certification, we’ll also help you to prepare for work in a busy and dynamic environment. Success as a medical assistant will rely heavily on your attitude and professionalism, so you’ll also need to develop soft skills and business skills.

If you’re a recent graduate looking for your next opportunity, or even if you’re nearing high school graduation, then it’s time to give us a call to start looking at your study options at Florida Vocational Instititute.

What You’ll Be Doing in Your Role as a Medical Assistant

Your key function will be to provide assistance to clinical physicians and other medical staff. Unlike some roles in the healthcare industry, medical assistants are required to perform multiple tasks throughout the day. You will regularly be on your feet, and you’ll need to have a strong eye for detail, as well as excellent organizational skills.

Your role can include, but won’t be limited to:

  • Giving injections and medications to patients in a clinical setting.
  • Tracking supplies and equipment and ensuring adequate stock is kept.
  • Fitting and taking electrocardiograms for patients.
  • Drawing blood for laboratory testing.
  • Providing general information for outpatient care and recovery.
  • Providing treatment and procedure information for patients.
  • Assisting physicians during consultations.
  • Collecting laboratory specimens for urinalysis, stool analysis etc.
  • Applying and changing dressings or removing sutures for patients.

In addition to these medically focused functions, you will often be required to perform a number of administrative functions when you are employed as a medical assistant. Completing insurance documentation, handling admissions, greeting patients and visitors, answering phone calls, and keeping medical records could all fall into your job once you complete your medical assistant school training.

Getting the Right Education for a Dynamic Job Role

Medical Assistant

As you can already see, your role as an assistant can change from day to day, or even hour to hour. It will be essential that you have the right knowledge to be flexible in your role, while providing real value to your patients and the clinic that employs you.

While some clinics will accept high school graduates for continuous on the job training, it’s much better to have a solid background of full time study. You’ll be able to get up to speed with processes faster, and you will be more efficient, even when starting in a junior position. Of course, this will only be possible when you choose the right school for your training.

At the FVI School of Nursing and Technology, you will find the small class groups, comprehensive skills and theory based lessons, and internship learning, will all help you to prepare for the challenges of working as a full time medical assistant. In short, if you’re asking how to become a medical assistant, then the simple answer would be to enroll at FVI School of Nursing and Technology today.

Our application consultants are standing by to talk to you about your learning and career options, and we can offer financial assistance to qualified students. If you want to learn more about our course, or if you’re ready to begin the application process, simply give us a call today.

You’ll be taking the first step towards an exciting and challenging career in the healthcare industry.


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