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A Conversation with Salvi Pascual, our Program Director of Technology.

Today, I had an amazing conversation with Salvi Pascual our Program Director of Technology at TechLaunch. Over a cup of coffee, we had a conversation about his work at Techlaunch and his commitment to achieving great things for the students and their future careers.


Tell me about you, what do you do and what is your life like at TechLaunch?

I am the Program Director, I make sure everything gets done well, that the students are learning and most importantly they are excited about it. I make sure that TechLaunch offers a fun environment to study and work as well, and that the materials are up to date and we are teaching the latest trends on technology so when our students graduate they are ready to be placed at an amazing company.


So, it will be fair to say that students love the programs? What is like to be a student at TechLaunch?

Usually, students are very excited that’s why they choose to come here instead of somewhere else. Our students are usually young people or someone who wants to make a change in their career and want to start working in the technology field, very passionate about creating and building things, coding and throwing source codes and want to improve their lives by changing their current situation.


Now, after the student graduates from Tech Launch, what can they expect?

We start working on placing the students in jobs before they even finish the program. It’s not only giving them the skills to code and to build applications but also to acquire the soft skills to talk to employers, find jobs to be able to promote themselves, to sell themselves to their future employers. Graduates, usually they get jobs at nearby startups, technology companies based in Miami, small to midsize companies that are looking exactly for what we graduate in here.


For the future student who is reading about you, what is your career advice?

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how much do you think you know, or even what you’ve been doing your entire life. What really matters is that if you want to change the way you live right now what really matters is the effort you put into working in your dreams. What we’ve done here is that we’ve created programs that will give you the skills but the practice for you to repeat yourself enough to be successful. So, my advice to you is practice.


Tell me about the new Miramar campus

Oh, it’s very exciting news! Because it’s now open and we are very excited about this. The first program available at this campus is Cyber Security that will be probably followed by our Web Development program. We will be offering other programs in the future but for now, we’re starting with Cyber Security.


Tell me about the free classes

We want to give back to the community, we want to have people who are around to be more involved in what we do, and we want them to know exactly how we can help them and if they want to be enrolled with our programs at TechLaunch. There are free programming classes where you can come study with us and live the same experience that you do if you are enrolled in the school. PHP, Javascript, and Video design are coming soon. To sign up for the events visit our Facebook page today.



Who is Salvi?

Salvi Pascual is a university professor, experienced software developer, systems architect, and a technology trailblazer for social work through his open source project, Apretaste. His work has had a tremendously positive effect on thousands of people and has been recognized internationally in the media as a technology innovator. He earned his Master’s in Computer Science from FIU and today he continues to inspire future tech creators by providing them with a hands-on approach that teaches you actual job skills.


You can email him at