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Career Services

Welcome to FVI's Career Services Department!

At Career Services our priority is our students! Our department connects FVI’s students and alumni with a diverse line of hiring partners and healthcare institutions. Our highly dedicated team is committed to helping you make your career dreams a reality.

Meet the Team!

We are a team of dedicated Career Services professionals with one goal in common: student success. Our dedicated team works closely with students, alumni, and hiring partners on building close relationships with them to provide qualified graduates fit to match their current employment needs. We are the link between students and employers, since the beginning of their career, all the way until they graduate.

At FVI we go beyond just providing education. We provide a complete experience tailored to your success that goes from preparing our students to become successful team members, to match our graduates with job opportunities that will help them gaining meaningful careers post-graduation.

When you work with a Career Services professional at FVI, you will learn how to prepare for the future at every step of your time with us. Through career development, including professionalism, motivation, and the maintenance of ethical standards, graduates are empowered with the skills necessary to foster a successful and on-going career.

At FVI we are committed to helping companies to fill in-demand jobs with qualified individuals who are prepared to work, tailoring our curriculums to fit the requirements of our hiring partners.

Your Success is Career Services Success

The Career Services Team’s only focus at FVI is YOU!

Our dedicated team of Career Service professionals is here to assist students and graduates with:

  • Resume writing
  • Mock interviews
  • Professional development
  • Employability workshops
  • Career day, field trips, hiring partner visits!
  • Generating close relationship with hiring partners

“Everything I learned at FVI has helped me tremendously! At my job, I do EKGs, phlebotomy, front desk work, anything that you can think of as a Medical Assistant. Career Services helped me build my resume, helped me set up my externship hours, which really helped me out for my future.”

-Ginelle Cortes, Medical Assistant Graduate.

“We love the students at FVI because they come out having a solid foundation of the clinical skills that we’re looking for.”

I am Hired!

Among our proudest moments at Career Services at FVI, is when our graduate’s hard work and dedication pay off and they start their careers


We are constantly working with our employer partners to understand the technical and soft skills they need to fill their most in-demand roles. We design our curriculums to fit current needs.


we focus on boosting your confidence by being there for you every step of the way, providing personalized feedback, extensive hands-on experience, and well-earned recognition.

Just Hired!

Our top priority is transforming our students into a successful team member. It is ultimately why students choose an FVI education. Not only we prepare them with the right qualifications and build their self-confidence, but we will match them with the right hiring partner.

“I am very proud of myself! Career Services helped a lot! From fixing my resume to giving me tips for the interview, how to dress, what to say, they are extremely phenomenal.”

Time to Celebrate!

This is the moment that you have worked so hard for – GRADUATION IS HERE! Proudly walk across the stage in front of your family, friends, instructors, and peers. Your professional life starts now, and we know you are ready for what is coming ahead.

We see success in all the faces that over the years have graduated at FVI. You all took different paths to get here, and you may have different paths ahead of you. But this moment has you all together. Know you know you can, you did it!



“We know that for many FVI students, graduation didn’t come without challenges, graduates, you made it happen! You should feel incredibly proud of that moment. Congratulations”. -Denyse Antunes, Campus President.

“My experience with FVI has been amazing, the environment is wonderful, the teachers and career services team were very helpful to me!”

Hiring Partner Events, Job Fairs & Field Trips

When you choose to attend FVI, you can be sure that you will leave highly qualified, confident in your abilities, ready with career opportunities that align with your future goals.

At FVI, we do not just provide an education; we provide a complete experience tailored specifically to your success. From beginning to end, not only career services but all our departments work closely together to help you succeed at every stage in your FVI journey, and beyond. It is an approach you will not find elsewhere.

We love visiting our hiring partners and letting them strut their stuff. It is a great opportunity for students to see firsthand what their future work environment might be like.

As a part of their program, our students will not only have appearances of hiring partners but also guest conferences that are relevant to their careers. Career Services teams up with hiring partners on a regular basis to set up campus visits to talk to our students, some of these performing onsite interviews on the day of their visit.

Visit our  Healthcare Jobs page to see current openings at some of our hiring partners.

Want to partner with FVI for your hiring needs?  Visit our Partner Page for more information!

Career Services Resources

At FVI Career Services, we want you to know that our doors will always be open for our students and alumni. With us, you can find valuable resources that may support you in your professional career. If you want to get in touch with us, you can email us at or call your campus and we will be happy to assist you with your inquiry.

Want more? Please visit our testimonials page! There you can watch other students and graduates talking about their experiences with our school. Visit