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Why Students Should Choose FVI

Why Do Students Prefer FVI?

With its dedication to student success, students and hiring employers rave about the quality of the graduating students and their impacts on their communities. At FVI we see each student as an individual, not a number. Our team is focused on each student’s individual success.  

FVI is Accredited

FVI’s Miramar campus had its ADN of Nursing program accredited by ACEN, making it just one of a handful of nursing schools recognized as such in Miami-Dade/Broward Counties. We are very proud of this prestigious accomplishment. Being able to display the ACEN Accredited badge is independent validation of the quality and success of our nursing program.

In addition to the ACEN accreditation, the FVI School of Nursing and Technology is institutionally accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE) since November 03, 2010, and is licensed by the State of Florida, Commission for Independent Education (CIE).

We Give People With Potential, The Power To Succeed.

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FVI and NCLEX Certification

FVI prepares students for the NCLEX exam. In fact, FVI students consistently score above the state and federal averages of nursing schools. Additionally, FVI is integrating studies to prepare for the new NCLEX, called the Next Gen NCLEX exam that is rolling out in the near future.  Regardless of which exam students take, FVI makes sure the student has the necessary classroom and clinical experience to succeed. FVI offers tutoring and studying sessions to students to give the students the additional confidence that they will test well. 

FVI Education and Faculty

FVI is growing into a school that will be successful today and in the long term.  Hiring top-notch faculty members passionate about healthcare and their students, an administration that can help create leading curricula, and staff members that put the student first continue to enable FVI’s success. Based on feedback from our hiring partners, FVI also hires to ensure that our faculty has real-world, in-depth clinical experience. 

FVI Classes Are Not Solely About Healthcare!

Soft Skills and Career Skills are vital for student success.  FVI helps students practice their bedside manners and patient experience in order to enable better outcomes.  We know the struggle that hiring partners face when adding staff. Hiring partners need graduates who can hit the ground running in their new position. FVI’s incredible Career Services team leads classes in career readiness, interviewing, resume writing, and more.  FVI wants students to be well-rounded! 

FVI Nursing School Flexible Scheduling

FVI provides flexible scheduling to meet the needs of the students.  With a mix of online, in-person, and hybrid classes, and options for nighttime and daytime programs, students can balance their out-of-class life with their student life. Both our Miami and Miramar campuses are also conveniently located by major highways for quick and easy commutes.  

Are FVI’s Labs and Facility Up to Date?

FVI takes pride in our campuses, classrooms, and labs. FVI is set up for student success with up-to-date simulation labs that mimic a  realistic  “hospital”  simulation, and resources for optimal learning. Investments have been made in equipment for labs where students are able to conduct hands-on practice and simulations. 

Student Support

FVI has programs to help support students through their journey. From peer counseling to study groups to a Success Coach and performance monitoring, FVI provides opportunities to fill gaps and give additional help when students need it.  Nursing school isn’t easy. The students dedicate themselves to healthcare, and FVI dedicates itself to the students! 

Hands on Training

FVI has a network of partners that provide clinical learning opportunities.  There is no substitution for learning in the field. Students work at local healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation, and managed care facilities so they can apply what they have learned with actual patients in a healthcare setting. This builds confidence in students and gives hiring partners peace of mind that our students are prepared to think critically and handle actual day-to-day scenarios.  

Affiliations/Articulation/Clinical Partners

FVI has strong relationships in the communities they operate in. Clinical partners provide externships and career options for the graduating students. FVI also has articulation agreements so that students can continue with their education post-FVI if they desire. 

Community Participation

FVI believes that it is imperative to give back to the communities they serve.  One of their core values is giving back to the community. FVI participates in local events and fairs.  FVI lends its hand with beach cleanups, blood drives, and more.   And, FVI’s students attend health fairs, checking vitals and blood, and providing guidance on healthy lives. 

We hope you can see how passionate we are about the student and their journey into/through healthcare.  If you think FVI is right for you, let us know.  Have questions? We can answer them for you.