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FVI + Partners

Who We Are & What We Do

FVI is a leading career school committed to preparing students for in-demand jobs in the healthcare and technology fields. FVI’s mission is to train students to become entry-level professionals in high-demand careers. We aim to improve employability and inspire lifelong career growth, thereby improving the life quality of individuals in our community.

Through our School of Nursing and Technology, we offer a variety of programs that enable students to achieve their career goals.

Our Core Values

  • Positive and clear communication​
  • Helping Individuals Achieve Their Highest Aspirations​
  • Be Self-Starter​
  • Exceed Expectations​
  • Be Accountable for Our Actions​
  • Give Back to the Community

We Give People With Potential, The Power To Succeed.

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Potential is about more than where you come from or the language you speak. It isn’t limited by your background, your last job, or whatever held you back in the past. Potential comes from the commitment to doing a job well. From a desire to take the next step forward, no matter how challenging. And from a steadfast determination to succeed. All it needs is an opportunity to thrive.

Demand for people with this sort of potential is on the rise, particularly in the fast-growing fields of healthcare and technology. Employers are looking for ways to reach new candidates and thinking differently about what will ultimately make an employee successful. Potential, and the characteristics that come with it, have become a determining factor.

At FVI, our purpose is to help people with the potential to capitalize on it by meeting the needs of these employers. It’s what drives us to provide practical, affordable, employment-focused education, as well as the support our students need to make the most of it. Whether you’re starting a new career or advancing your current one, we’ll do everything in our power to help you succeed. Because we know you have something important to offer, and when you succeed, everyone benefits.

Our Programs

What Sets Us Apart?

We don’t just provide an education; we provide a complete experience tailored specifically to your success. From beginning to end, all of our departments work closely together to help you succeed at every stage in your FVI journey, and beyond. It’s an approach you won’t find elsewhere.

Our Relationship With Our Students:

  • From pre-enrollment to graduation, we prepare our students for post-education success. FVI works with students to ensure they learn the required skills, and how to apply those skills in real-world situations.
  • Our support teams monitor student progress, providing guidance when needed to keep learning on track while incorporating the needs of the individual student.
  • FVI integrates career readiness programs, interviewing skills, and resume building so that students can communicate their strengths and prove how they will add value to their future employers.
  • FVI monitors our graduates providing feedback, support, and continued opportunities to learn and grow.

Our Relationship With Our Partners & Community:

  • FVI’s goal is to prepare students to provide meaningful value in the workplace.
  • We work hard to establish strong relationships with our hiring partners, understand requirements, and match students with the right skill sets and cultural fit to enable each other to be successful
  • We are continuously improving our programs so that we are aligned with the changing requirements of the workplace.

Our Partners