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Certified Health Coaching

The National Society of Health Coaches and FVI School of Nursing and Technology are excited to announce that FVI is the NSHC’s first official educational partner that will be offering the NSHC training program to clinicians and other allied healthcare providers! 


Providers are making the transition from the traditional approach of “Do as I instruct, or prescribe you to do” to one founded in Evidence-based Health Coaching (EBHC)® with Motivational Interviewing (MI). Special conversational skills and best practice clinical interventions are used to actively engage patients/clients in talking about change and to self-discover one’s own ambivalence about it. Over 300 studies have proven MI’s efficacy and effectiveness since the early 80’s. It can set the stage for behavior change in as little as one fifteen-minute encounter.

NSHC’s program teaches you how to create a 50/50 patient-provider partnership in health; recognizing and using the patient’s own expertise about his/her life to drill down to the personal motivation for health behavior change!  Additionally, patients/families are guided to better self-manage their health, health risk, and acute or chronic health conditions resulting in optimal wellness, improved health outcomes, lowered health risk and decreased healthcare costs. 


NSHC provides the “nuts and bolts” of Evidence-based Health Coaching (EBHC)® with Motivational Interviewing (MI) for use in healthcare and wellness settings through a myriad of teaching methods and learning tools.

Health Coaching skills you will learn include:

  • Decrease patient/client resistance to their own treatment plan
  • Integrate EBHC with MI into chronic condition management, wellness, and prevention
  • Employ MI in brief clinical encounters
  • Use new conversational skills of motivational interviewing that tap into the patient’s own motivation to change
  • Recognize cues that reveal one’s behavior change readiness
  • Use avenues that enhance likelihood of goal achievement
  • Select and tabulate health coaching outcomes with easy to use tools
  • Self-assess your communication style and be alert to pitfalls
  • Self-assess your active listening skills
  • Integrate easy-to-use EBHC patient/client tools into your practice

Why Choose the National Society of Health Coaches?

The National Society of Health Coaches health coaching program is more than just continuing education. When you choose the NSHC program, you become a member of a community of like-minded clinicians. A 1 year membership to the National Society of Health Coaches is included with each program.

Additional benefits of the NSHC program include:

  • Affordable, self-paced study
  • Developed by Clinicians for Clinicians  
  • Access to members only Live Practice Webinars
  • Earn 42 CEs upon successfully passing testing
  • ListServ for Professional Networking

The NSHC Health Coaching program has also earned national and international recognition:

  • Ranked #1 Most Popular Health Coach Certification by ExerciseScienceGuide
  • Rated Best Health Coach Certification Program by Verywell Fit
  • A Top Health Coaching Program for 2021 by 


Get started today with the NSHC Evidence-based Health Coaching program!

  1. Purchase NSHC Program Materials and register online
  2. Complete the self-paced, independent study
  3. Pass the exam, earn 42 CECs and get your certification!