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FVI School of Technology offers immersive programs and courses that prepare you today, for the recession proof tech careers of tomorrow.

The Great Tech Boom

Cyber Security and Network Technology Growth Trends

The tech industry is continuing to grow at warp speed and demand for qualified employees is growing just as quickly. By working with our hiring partners, we regularly revise our curriculum to meet industry standards so that our grads learn how to use the latest, cutting-edge technology and become vital assets to any company looking for new talent.

Median Tech Income

$ 0 K
software developer
$ 0 K
cyber security technician
$ 0 K
web developer

Become a Hero in the Tech Industry!

When you’re a student at FVI School of Technology, you’ll get the training you need to enter the world of tech. With a dynamic classroom environment, our instructors use an extensive hands-on approach and work by your side to teach you actual job skills.

An Education That Works For You

There are many benefits of getting your education at FVI School of Technology. With our dedicated instructors, understanding support staff, and Career Services team on your side, you’ll learn the skills you need for a new career in tech.

Immersive training to prepare you for a exciting and rewarding career in the booming technology industry

Get real-world experience in a hands-on environment

Work with our Career Services Team to find great job opportunities

Enter a growing field where your skills are vital

Financial aid is available for those who qualify

Director of FVI School of Technology Education
Cyber Security &Network Tech Program Chair

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