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Here at FVI Tech, our mission is to help struggling individuals get into great careers by learning to code. At the same time, we are doing our best to help diversify the tech community by bringing in more female and minority coders and to help elevate underserved communities in Miami and beyond. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to engage and interact with you over the past year through this FVI Tech blog. We hope we’ve provided some valuable insight, information, and motivation, that you’ve been able to use in your own life. Here are a few of our favorite tech articles from 2016:



How to Get Started with the Atom Text Editor
The most basic of basics: where do you write your code? This tutorial will walk you through the very basic steps of setting up your coding environment so that you can start playing around with some actual code.

Learn To Code with Google Chrome Developer Tools
Did you know you can tweak websites from right within your browser? This is one of the easiest ways to start learning to code.


What is HTML?
HTML is the first, the simplest, and the most important language that every web developer needs to learn. It is the language that allows you to build the structure of a website. Here is an extremely simple introduction that will get you started with HTML.


What is CSS?
If you want to build websites, you need to learn — at the very least — HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Here’s an introduction to CSS, for those who don’t even know what that means.

Make cool CSS animations with animate.css
CSS is a really fun language, once you learn how to use it. By using animate.css (a free library of pre-made CSS code) you can create awesome animations in almost no time at all.

Responsive Design 101
Have you ever seen one of those websites where it works well on your laptop but not on your phone, or vice versa? Learn what to do (and what not to do) when building websites for the mobile age.


What is JavaScript? Tutorial for Beginners
If you want to build websites, you need to learn three languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Start with HTML, move on to CSS, and finally, learn JavaScript. If you’ve never written a single line of JavaScript, this series is for you!

Build a JavaScript Video Game

Program your first video game in this comprehensive JavaScript tutorial series! Start the series at the beginning if you’ve never written a line of JavaScript code in your life… or jump right into the final tutorial if you already know some basic JavaScript and want to play around with our video game code.


HOW TO: Learn to code in a way that will actually make you employable
It’s not just about learning things from books and tutorials; you need to exercise your skills, just like you’d exercise your muscles in the gym. Employers don’t want to hire someone who knows a lot but can’t implement things in real life. Follow our three steps to becoming an employable developer: observe, practice, and develop.

Which Technologies Do You Need To Learn In Order to Get a Job as a Web Developer in South Florida?
Victor Moreno, our head of Web Development education, actually went out and did the research. Here is what South Florida companies are actually looking for in coding job applicants.

Which Programming Language Should I Learn First?
Spoiler alert: For such an easy language to learn, basic JavaScript will give you a surprisingly wide range of both short and long-term career opportunities.


Coders Who Changed The World: Elon Musk
Part 2 of our “Coders Who Changed The World” series. Elon Musk started coding as a child in South Africa. Now he’s at the forefront of renewable energy and space exploration.

4 Reasons Every Student Should Learn to Code
Steve Jobs famously said, “Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer… because it teaches you how to think.” Here are the four most important reasons we think every student should learn to code.

Make Money While Learning To Code
Many people feel stuck in their current financial situations, held back by fears that it will take a long time to turn code into cash. With this simple strategy, though, you can actually make money WHILE learning to code, and get some awesome coding practice at the same time!


Highest Paying Tech Careers 2016
Eleven out of the twenty-five highest paying careers of 2016 were in tech. Here’s the full list.

Coding Jobs are Everywhere
Do you want to work in Healthcare? Finance? Engineering? Every major industry on the face of this planet needs coders to take care of their tech concerns… from launching simple apps and websites to launching people into outer space.

Want a Stable Career? Learn to Code.
It’s not immigrants that are “stealing” all of the jobs; it’s not China either. AI & robots are set to take over a huge number of jobs over the next 20 years. Want a stable career that will stand the test of time? Learn to code.

Job Outlook for Web Developers in 2017
Spoiler alert: it’s looking pretty good.


Coding isn’t just for white male geniuses with glasses.
Don’t let Hollywood stereotypes influence your perceptions. Many of our country’s most influential and world-changing coders have been female, Hispanic, and/or African-American.

Women & Minorities in Tech (infographic)
While tech has come a long way in terms of gender and racial equality, there is still a lot of work to be done. Our infographic breaks it down in a simple and easy to understand way.

Coding Careers for Immigrants
Many immigrants leave great careers in their home countries to move to the United States. Unfortunately, many highly intelligent immigrants, with a lot of potentials to make a difference in our society, end up finding themselves driving taxis, scrubbing dishes, or flipping burgers. Learning to code can be a great way for intelligent immigrants to fulfill their potential and find great careers in this country.

Why Can’t Girls Code?
A short, fun viral video from @girlswhocode … and an in-depth research study that demonstrates the extent of the problem.

How Some Cuban Immigrants are Finding High-Paying Jobs in Miami
For many Cuban immigrants in Miami, learning to code is the key to ending what might otherwise have been a lifelong cycle of dead-end-jobs, paycheck-to-paycheck subsistence, and endless struggle.


Best Books for Tech Entrepreneurs in 2016
Here’s a list of a few of the most important books that every tech entrepreneur should read.

Launching Your Startup With a Minimum Viable Product
If you want to create a tech startup, it is absolutely crucial that you start with a Minimum Viable Product.

Understanding The Responsive Business Model
In the olden days, an entrepreneur with a great idea would have to sell that idea to investors, raise lots of money, work on product development for months (or years), before finally releasing it to the public and hoping that people liked it. Then, the internet was born.

Growth Hacking Your Startup
How to grow your startup quickly, before you get those millions in VC funding.

How to Raise Capital for Your Tech Startup
Three ways to raise millions for your awesome new startup!


Miami Is Now Officially a TechHire City!
Our CEO, Arnie Girnun, was instrumental in bringing the federal TechHire program here to Miami!

Looking forward toward 2017, we will be focusing our tech articles more on our core mission of helping underrepresented communities get into coding. Being headquartered here in the middle of Miami, we know how hard it can be for Cuban immigrants (among others) to find themselves in stable (let alone lucrative) careers. We hope to launch some initiatives over the coming year to help diversify not only Miami’s tech community but the larger tech community in general.

If you’re struggling to find a stable career, and you’re in the Miami area, give us a call at 786-574-3350! Who knows? This one simple phone call could be the key to unlocking your career potential in 2017.