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Patient Care Tech Careers

You’ve heard of patient care technician school and if you have followed our blogs to any extent, then there is a good chance you’re aware of what you might be learning there, but what about a dialysis patient care technician? As it turns out, there are many different flavors of patient care technician, as far as the profession is concerned, and with that being the case, you have quite a bit to concern yourself with when it comes to picking a career path. Let’s talk a bit about this form of tech, and most importantly, what you might be learning in patient care technician school.

Dialysis Patient Care Technician – What to Expect

As a dialysis patient care technician, you will find yourself responsible for the management of hemodialysis or blood filtering, and this is a treatment administered to patients who are suffering from advanced kidney disease. Dialysis patient care technicians do not work alone – they are supervised by registered nurses (RN) as they provide basic patient care which includes the operation of dialysis m machines. As with any other profession in the medical industry, it will be important for you to complete a course on patient care before you can earn the certification and head out into the world.

As a dialysis patient care technician, you will have a few very specific duties to complete, starting with preparing fluid for each patient. You will also need to know how to inject the dialysis needle into the vein and start the equipment. This, however, is not the end of the procedure. You will need to pay attention during the process to make sure that you are able to make the necessary adjustments for the patient’s well being. In addition to that, once the session ends, you will need to be able to detach the equipment and ensure that the patient is stable. Oftentimes, technicians are taught to use this equipment in a home care situation so that they will be able to deploy to patient’s homes, which is especially useful for those patients who are unable to leave their own house for any reason.

The Requirements

Obviously, you will need to complete a specialized course, but before you can do that, you will need to make sure that you hold a high school diploma or GED. Something to consider however is that there are some programs which will require training in various medical procedures, for example, phlebotomy before you can step foot in the classroom. In addition to that, CPR or basic life support certification may very well be required, so you’ll want to check before you enroll. If you are not certified at the time of your education, you will want to make sure that you attain this certification before you enter the workforce as most employers are going to require it, even if you meet all of the other requirements.

Starting your New Career

Jumping into your new career is going to be as easy as giving us a call and inquiring as to the requirements of our program. Now would be a great time to start looking into your future. After all, there’s no time like the present! Check out our website and inquire as to how you can not only get into our program but how you can take advantage of the available financial aid programs. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Bottom line: You don’t have to let anything stand between you and your future, whether you want to be a dialysis patient care technician or take advantage of one of our other programs. The right career is out there waiting for you.

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