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Different Fields of Nursing & Specialty Careers

Nursing Careers

Different Fields of Nursing & Specialty Careers

A degree and license in nursing can serve as a gateway to a huge variety of jobs and career paths. Graduates of our RN nursing programs at FVI School of Nursing are trained for entry-level positions in a number of nursing fields. All these different fields of nursing can lead you to unique experiences and rewarding careers. As a new graduate of our nursing school in Pembroke Pines,  here are just some of the types of nursing fields you can enter and start your career in.

Direct Patient Care

A registered nurse (RN) in a direct patient care fields works at the “bedside” of patients. Collaborating with doctors, medical assistants, and other allied healthcare professionals, RNs work directly with patients and perform various to assist in their care. Staff nurses, travel nurses, and wound care nurses are part of this field as are charge nurses, nurse practitioners, and clinical nurse specialists.

Indirect Patient Care

This field of nursing includes job positions that are typically more managerial and administrative. RNs that work in indirect patient care aren’t as hands-on and often don’t have direct contact with patients. They can work in a number of organizations including hospitals, long-term care facilities, physician offices, clinics, and even insurance companies and government offices. Indirect patient care nursing careers include minimum data set (MDS) nurses, health policy nurses, public health nurses, informatics nurse, and nurse educators.

Surgical Nursing

Surgeries are some of the most complex type of care offered by healthcare professionals. While surgeons are in charge of the procedure itself, it is nurses that provide majority of care to patients before, during, and after the surgery. In addition to caring for patients, the main responsibilities of registered nurses that work in the operating rooms and theaters include assisting surgeons, surgical assistants, and other members of the surgical team. There are a variety of surgical nurse specialties within this field including scrub nurses, circulating nurse, OR charge nurse, and nurse anesthetists.

Pediatric & Gerontological Nursing

Young children and senior citizens represent the two most vulnerable potions of our population when it comes to healthcare. That’s why there are two different fields of nursing that addresses these types of patients specifically. Pediatric nursing encompasses the medical care of newborns and children up to adolescence. Pediatric nurses and Pediatric nurse practitioners typically work in hospitals, child care treatment centers, family medicine offices, and schools.

Gerontological nursing is the nursing specialty encompassing the medical care of older adults and elderly patients. Careers in this nursing field include geriatric nurses, home health nurse, and rehabilitation nurses. Common places of employment include hospitals, nursing homes, retirement communities, rehabilitation centers, and even patient homes.

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