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Nursing Curriculum

The FVI Nursing Curriculum

The FVI education team carefully curates agenda and course content for general and healthcare classes to ensure the students have the required building blocks and fundamentals for success.  


Curriculums are built to provide content and have the students exhibit the learned skills.  Not only do the students apply their learnings, but they are also motivated to apply clinical judgment & clinical thinking, simulating real experiences and working live during their clinicals. 


FVI goes the extra mile, providing career skills in addition to the courses. Not only do we have classes on interviewing and resume writing, but we incorporate communication skills into the classes so that students receive feedback and guidance on their bedside manner and other soft skills required for success. 


Classes are held during a variety of times and cadences depending on the schedule.  Some students attend during the day, others choose night courses.  FVI also has a combination of in person classes, online classes, and hybrid (a mix of both).  Class schedules are formulated based on educational requirements and student needs. 

FVI Professors

FVI has stringent guidelines in our hiring process.  We make sure that facilitators are passionate in their area of expertise and have the skills to deliver the content and keep the student interested. 

FVI Staff

FVI Team members have one goal- student success.  Our teams come together to ensure that students have the optimal experience- preenrollment and during school.  Since we consider our students family, you can count on FVI to remain in touch with students, helping them to continue to be successful with their careers. 

young male taking vitals on a patient with a bed in the backrground