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Department/Title Name Email Phone Number Program
Accounting Accounts Payable [email protected]
Accounting /HR Manager Jaqueline Carlin [email protected] 754-209-1684
Accountant Paulina Luzuriaga [email protected]
Admissions Mechelle Permenter [email protected] 754-241-4290
Admissions Kimberly Weinstein [email protected] 754-201-1492
Career Services (Director) Andrea Holguin [email protected] 786-708-8925
Career Services Vanessa Perez [email protected] 786-708-8931
Director of Compliance & Facilities Richard Zaiden [email protected] 786-327-7953
Director of First Impression Ana Bandera [email protected] 954-613-2900 Ext. 1605
Director of First Impression Jade Rubio [email protected] 954-613-2900
Director of First Impression Johanna Hoyt [email protected] 954-613-2900 Ext. 1606
Director of Education Bronson Boufford [email protected] 754-209-1495
Director of Nursing Maria Walwema, PhD, RN, MSN-NHCE [email protected] 754-209-1691 Nursing
Facuty Armelle Saintil [email protected] 754-209-1681 Nursing
Faculty Eddy Perez, MD, MSN, APRN-BC [email protected] Nursing
Faculty Elisabet Perez [email protected] 754-209-1680 Nursing
Faculty Julie Fanfan MSN APRN [email protected] Nursing
Faculty Marcia Reid PHD, RN [email protected] Nursing
Faculty Marixa Patterson DNP, RN, MSN [email protected] Nursing
Faculty Norma Forbes DNP, RN, MSN [email protected] Nursing
Faculty Paulette Chiravalle DNP, APRN-BC [email protected] Nursing
Faculty Paulette Rounds-Stanley, MSN, RN CNE [email protected] Nursing
Faculty Shamma Legrand DNP, RN [email protected] Nursing
Faculty Juan Peralta [email protected] Cyber Security
Faculty Linda Gordon [email protected] General Education
Faculty Robert Beneckson [email protected] General Education
Faculty Patricia Roach [email protected] HESI Tutor
Faculty Bellaida Lozano [email protected] LEAD – General Education
Faculty Fabian Gonzalez [email protected] 754-209-1683 LEAD – Medical Assistant
Faculty Alexandra Botero [email protected] 754-209-1601 LEAD – Patient Care Technician
Faculty Daisy Herrero [email protected] Medical Assistant
Faculty Maria Bello [email protected] Medical Assistant
Faculty Carlos Gallostra [email protected] Patient Care Technician
Faculty Lori Adsungur [email protected] Patient Care Technician
Faculty Yusibel Rodriguez [email protected] Patient Care Technician
Faculty Selma Garcia [email protected] Pharmacy
Financial Aid Director Ingrid Ayala [email protected] 754-231-1093
Human Resources HR Support [email protected]
IT IT Support [email protected] 754-209-1688 Submit Tech Ticket: 
Library Edith Delovoe [email protected] 754-231-2501
Reception   954-613-2900
Registrar Brenda Cartaya [email protected]
Registrar Laura Hernandez [email protected]

All nursing programs offered at FVI are approved by the Florida Board of Nursing Professional Nursing NCLEX Code Miramar US70415200 Professional Nursing NCLEX Code Miami US70418900 FVI School of Nursing and Technology (FVI) is licensed by the State of Florida, Commission for Independent Education (CIE) Miami (main) campus License Number: 3441/ Miramar campus License Number: 6010 The Associate of Science programs at FVI School of Nursing and Technology, Miramar, Florida and Miami, Florida are accredited by the Accredited Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). FVI School of Nursing and Technology is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE) ID# 312400 since November 03, 2010

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