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IT Security

Building Your Future as an IT Security Professional

Have you heard the saying “My Code Could Take Your Job” being tossed around by web developers or hackers? That could be true for people in a data entry career, but the same reality provides job stability for IT Security professionals. IT security is an industry that is growing consistently from a direct need. Charged with the protection of the information transmitted and stored on computer systems, IT security professionals are in high demand. As more societies begin to integrate technology, there is a greater need for the protection of the information that is shared electronically.

The need for IT security professionals has been illustrated through the data breaches of large corporations, such as the one experienced by Target a few years ago. “Target disclosed in a recent financial filing that it has incurred $252 million of breach-related expenses.”[1] The breach that occurred at Target was costly to the brand’s image, in addition to the costs of the related settlements. “Target’s breach, in particular, rattled consumers because it occurred during the winter holiday shopping season. The breach compromised 40 million credit and debit card accounts.”[2] This security breach brought the need for IT security to the front door of the average consumer.

With an expanding demand, IT security professionals are able to obtain positions within the technological industry. Most recently, Florida has become an attractive location for technology companies. “Though best-known for a certain mouse and associated tourist attractions, Florida’s also becoming a technology hot spot. Technology distributor Tech Data is headquartered in Tampa, and CompTIA reports an additional 21,517 IT firms in the Sunshine State.”[3] IT security professionals are in demand throughout Florida. With over 20,000 firms, there is an excellent opportunity to align yourself with the position that is right for your career. “The median income is $48,900 based on data listed by the BLS for Computer Support Specialists.”[4] This is just a little bit over the median income for an entire household in Florida based on the Census![5] These opportunities within IT security are numerous in nature because of the need for skilled professionals. The IT Security program at FVI can prepare you for a career that could be the perfect opportunity to support your family while working in an environment where your talents are valued. With increased demand, IT security professionals are able to acquire positions within Federal and Local governments in cybersecurity.

If you are looking for a career that is in demand, IT security is an excellent way to secure your future. With opportunities throughout Florida, IT security professionals are able to get a hold of the position that best suits their talents. The start of your IT career is just a click away, contact FVI Today!