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at Florida Vocational Institute

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Florida Vocational Institute

We believe everyone who wants a great career opportunity should be able to achieve that goal. Florida Vocational Institute focuses on providing high-quality instruction and hands-on learning for our students. We believe that providing a path to a new career through education is one of the great opportunities in this country. We believe that training should be based on the careers that are in demand in our community and should prepare our students for careers in months.

Here's how training at Florida Vocational Institute can help jump start your new career.

  1. flexible schedules

    Flexible schedules. Day and evening classes are available for those with full time or part time jobs or children. If you have children, in the time your kids are in school this year, you can be learning your way to a new career!

  2. Instructors with real world experience

    Our instructors are industry experienced which helps you to learn the right information utilizing hands on training that will prepare you for a career when you graduate.

  3. Finish in under a year

    Specifically designed with a career in mind, we train you with the exact skills that hiring partners are looking for. This allows you to enter the workforce sooner!

  1. Smaller class sizes and more attention to your success

    We offer smaller class sizes so that the Teacher/Student ratio allows more one-on-one interaction to allow the instruction to be learned and retained easily.

  2. For over 10 years, our student’s success is our #1 goal

    Since 2007, Florida Vocational Institute has been accredited by COE (Council on Occupational Education) a national accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education and licensed by the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education (CIE).

  3. Two convenient South Florida locations

    Offering campuses in Miami at the Mall of the America’s and a location in Miramar Florida, our campuses are close to Miami, Broward and south Palm Beach residents.

Our Programs


Medical Assistant

The Medical Assistant program focuses on preparing you with skills and hands-on experience to work at the entry level in the medical field.


Pharmacy Technician

The Pharmacy Technician program focuses on providing the skills and hands-on trading on how to assist pharmacists in packing and preparing medication.


Patient Care Technician

The Patient Cate Technician program is focused around building the skills required for an entry level position in a nursing home and other medical facilities.

School Mission

Florida Vocational Institute’s mission is to train students to become entry-level professionals in high demand careers. We aim to improve employability and inspire lifelong career growth, thereby improving the life quality of individuals in our community.

Florida Vocational Institute is committed to providing you a quality education in a lifelong, rewarding career. FVI takes pride in offering first-class training and the guidance, tools and support needed to prepare you for the job you want.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve success with our passionate and knowledgeable faculty, successful career placement team, and our warm and welcoming community.