Sergio Rios Garcia

Hello everyone , my name is Sergio Rios , i will tell you about my experience about the school , my vocation has always been medicine , for x and for b i never decided to undertake studies until 2020 a year marked by pandemic Covid 19 i decided to start my career in said science , i arrived at our campus (F.V.I) meeting Mrs.Barbara Rodriguez , attended me explaining that it would be the best for me, that i was in the best place to start my career in medical sciences also introduce me to Mrs. Gretel Chiong director of the campus that explaining to me all the opportunities that the campus offers me , 2 wonderful people who changed my life forever , i started school meeting wonderful students and teachers , teacher with great knowledge and methodology that love their students a lot , nothing better could happen to me in my life ! I am in the best possible place , i am blessed ,i found my site to become a great health professional ” come on ! Don’t waste time , Florida Vocational Institute is waiting for you ! They wiĺl give you the opportunity you are looking for , thank you ( F.V.I) for opening your door to me.