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My name is Maritza Perez, happy student of this school, where they welcomed me regardless of whether I am an immigrant and they have given me the opportunity to fulfill a dream, to become a health professional, preparing myself in various fields such as, Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist , ECG, no matter pandemic. No matter the difficulties, all well-trained professional staff always ready to help and teach us. I thank the teachers Maria del Pilar, Ronny, Marcia and those anonymous staff who are never spoken but who are also part of this reality, Luisa, Grete, Yady everyone.
Today I am practicing in a center that I have been able to develop in all its areas thanks to FVI, thank you, feeling proud to be one more, prepared in this institution.
If you are reading, get excited, get ready in any of the areas, fulfill a dream, take a challenge if you can. If I can, you can. Thanks a thousand

Maritza Perez

4 months ago