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As a working single mom I didn’t think it was going to be possible to obtain my RN even though it’s been my dream. I was fortune enough to find Arelis and Carlos at Fvi. They were patient with me as it took a year for me to finally be ready to start the road to my dream (Covid got in the way to my originally planned start time.) Now I began the road to my dream and I have a great support system here at the school, my professors Eddy Perez, Paulette Rounds, Norma Forbes are top notch and so invested in my success. The support staff such as IT and Mrs Gill at the bursar’s office are also a great resource always ready to give a helping hand. Mrs Walwema the Nursing Program Director is also a great source of inspiration investing in all of us here at FVI to make sure we not only pass the NCLEX but that we are Quality Nurses at the end of our Journey. I look forward to graduation day when I can repay them for all the hard work and support they have given to me during this most exciting time in my life, I will forever carry them with me as family.

Barbara Lerdo

5 months ago