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How Can You Get into Pharmacy Tech Schools?

Studying for a new career is a decision not everyone makes lightly since it’s a change from their daily routine. When considering applying to one of our pharmacy tech schools people want to know if the career they’re going to be studying for will be lucrative down the line. Entering a new career field is […]

Three Things You Must Know As a Pharmacy Tech

Becoming a Pharmacy Technician is an exciting choice for a career! Pharmacy technicians are educated and certified professionals who assist pharmacists in all aspects of pharmacology. Pharmacy techs are essential in a drug store, grocery store, hospital or even warehouse pharmacies. Techs keep everything running smoothly and accurately. Pharmacy technician training covers a wide variety […]

Should you Attend Pharmacy Technician School?

The field of Pharmacy has long been an important part of the health care industry. While physicians are responsible for diagnosing a patient, they entrust the pharmacist and pharmacist technician to provide continuing care with prescription treatment for their ailments. The job of pharmacy technicians is evolving into an increasingly important career. Pharmacy Technician Courses […]

Pharmacy Technician vs. Pharmacist

Walking into any of your local pharmacies, you may not have considered that the people behind the counter actually have different qualifications, and perform different roles. If you’re thinking about pharmacy tech schools in Florida, then you’ll soon find that the differences are quite significant, although there can be some overlap between the roles of […]

How to find the Best Pharmacy Technician Schools

Interested in becoming a Pharmacy Technician in the Miami area? There’s a vast network of schools and programs specializing in the pharmaceutical field out there. Some of which are even offered online to better suit your schedule. Doing your own research and finding out what type of program suits your needs is your best bet. […]

Pharmacy Technician vs. Medical Assistant

Pursuing a new career takes time, hard work, and dedication over the course of a year or more to achieve depending on the area of expertise. Finding the right career that suits a person personally is vital to finding their niche and having a greater chance of success. When entering into a new career, especially […]

Fast Track to Becoming a Pharmacy Technician in Miami

A pharmacy technician assists the pharmacist with a variety of tasks such as filling prescriptions, providing information on medications to patients, manage medicine supply by doing tasks such as performing inventories and stocking pharmacy shelves, and possibly supervising other pharmacy staff. Pharmacy technicians can work in a variety of environments as well, such as community […]

Is Pharmacy Tech School Right for You?

Are you considering attending a pharmacy tech school in the Miami, Florida area? Before we get into that, what is a pharmacy technician school? Why is it an outstanding career choice? What does it have to offer you? The answer is actually quite a bit. Pharmacy technicians perform several different jobs which include the distribution […]