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Hiring Partners


Access to career ready and eager graduates without having to place ads and
sift through countless resumes

We work with our hiring partners to help shape the curriculum which means graduates have the right
skills for today’s hiring needs.



Thank you for your interest in FVI School of Nursing and Technology! Our graduates have been prepared with the education needed to enter into new careers armed with the practical, technical, and soft skills employers are looking for. If you’re looking for highly trained professionals to fill open entry-level positions within your company, we can help find just the right fit for you and save you the time and effort of scouring resumes and interviews. Our graduates are eager and ready to embark on a new career with your team!

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Culture of Learning

At FVI, the primary skill we teach our students is to be life-long learners. By hiring our graduates and allowing them to grow within your organization, you will help foster a culture of teaching, learning, and collaboration amongst your team members. This often results in engaged, loyal employees who want to “pay it forward.”

Reasons To Hire Our Graduate

Sets our students apart and is designed to prepare them to work in the tech industry. We do this by:

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