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Community Participation

FVI Gives Back

One of FVI’s core values is to give back to the community.  We take this to heart.  Team members participate in blood drives, beach cleanups, and emergency causes that may come up from time to time that require donations.  FVI hosts our own Health Fairs so that members of the community can get healthcare check-ups and children (and adults) can learn about the benefits of healthcare.  Hopefully one day, some of these children may enter the healthcare field because of what they learned! 

Local Events

FVI gets involved with our communities.  We look for local events to support the residents around our campuses by sponsoring so that celebrations have funding and to make community members aware of FVI, to meet new friends, students, team members, and employers.  At some of these events we have booths with information, other times when permitted, we invite students to help with vitals, blood tests, etc. 

young male taking vitals on a patient with a bed in the backrground

Health Fairs

These events, more focused on healthcare, allow FVI to bring our students to speak with attendees perform vitals, tests etc so we can make provide health info to the guests, especially when they might not be going for annual exams and other periodic check-ups.  These fairs can be held anywhere from conference centers to local churches.  Regardless of the size, if FVI can help, we want to be there. 

Job Fairs

It shouldn’t be surprising to come across FVI at a local job fair.  When community members are looking for a job (or a new job), continuing their education might be the ideal path to help them achieve their goals. Our team members can provide information on health career jobs and the requirements needed to get those incredible jobs!