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Certified Nursing Assistant – Miami

What is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)?

How can you become a certified nursing assistant?

If you have been considering becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, you will be glad to know that opportunities are plentiful in Miami and may offer you a long-term career that will focus on professional and personal fulfillment. In addition to that, you will be choosing a career that has a bright future when it comes to advancement. People who work as CNA’s typically find satisfaction in helping others. Since CNA’s work in a job field that has multiple settings and a wide variety of people, they can find opportunities that are tailored to their interests. If you want to become a certified nursing assistant, you will need to take and pass the exam offered by the state of Florida. In addition to the certification requirements and the courses that you will need to take, there are other traits that are necessary for you to be successful as a CNA. which include:

• Compassion

• Patience

• Observational skills

These traits are important for a multitude of reasons. First, you will need to compassionate because you will most likely be working with patients that are either disabled or elderly. Your compassionate and empathetic behavior and will help you serve your patients in the best way possible. Second, you will need to be patient because being a certified nursing assistant will not always be easy. Without patience, you will not be able to adequately take care of your patients, especially if you have one that is both elderly and depressed. Lastly, you will be considered a primary caregiver, which means that you will be the main source of interaction between the patient and their other caregivers. You will need to be able to observe behaviors and situations so that you can relay information accurately to nurses or doctors that are overseeing your patient. FVI is a vocational school that will help you achieve your goal of becoming a CNA in the shortest time possible. You will be able to choose a class schedule that works around your needs such as:

• Day classes on campus

• Evening classes on campus

• Online, Live classes

With these options, you do not need to put off the CNA program any longer!

What classes will you take while earning your CNA degree?

Once you decide that you want to become a certified nursing assistance, you will need to decide on where to begin your studies such as a college or vocational school. There are some institutions require you to have a few trainings completed, including:


• First Aid

• Medical Terminology

• Anatomy and Physiology

To enroll in our program for your CNA certificate, you just need your high school diploma or GED certification. Upon enrolling in a certified nursing assistant program, you will be expected to complete the following two courses:

• Basic patient care

• Hands on training

Basic patient care will be the classes in which you are taught the basics of your duties and responsibilities as a CNA. It is a 75 hour program in which you will be taking that covers the following.

• Taking vital signs

• Assisting with bathing and feeding patients

• Medical ethics

• Health law

• Providing care for the catheter

The hands-on training is generally a clinical externship is the training required to learn in a real world setting such as a nursing home or local hospital. You will then have a licensed supervisor guide you while you accomplish all of your externship requirements. The state requires you to have 24 hours of clinical externship, however FVI’s program includes 40 hours, ensuring you are fully prepared for the real world.

How can you get your certified nursing assistant cerificate?

CNA’s make a huge impact on the health care. When you become a certified nursing assistant, it means that you will be training in all relevant aspects of long term patient care. Generally, this patient care training will all be completed under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN). You will also be able to demonstrate your skills in a 40 hour clinical externship that will allow you to show the knowledge that you have retained. Once you complete and pass your program requirements, you will be prepared to take the certification exam. Once you have completed every step of the CNA program, you will have the experience and skills necessary to find a job as an entry level nursing assistant or home health aide and begin your new journey!

Where can you find work after you finish your certified nursing assistant program?

Once you have completed your program at FVI in Miami, you will be offered job placement assistance. A large portion (about 55 percent) of CNA’s tend to work in either a nursing home or a residential care facility. Other employment opportunities can be found in the following:

• State hospitals

• Private hospitals

• Local hospitals

• Home health care companies

• Employment services

There are certain states in which the most certified nursing assistant jobs are available and you will be glad to know that Florida is on the list! According to BLS data, the future job market for CNA’s is expected to rise along with the rise in population among the elderly. This offers job security for a long time to come.

Do you need to be certified before you can begin work as a CNA?

Certification allows much better advancement opportunities. In order to become certified, you must meet multiple requirements according to the Florida Board of Nursing. You will need to pass the following requirements in order to sit in for your certification exam: 

• Have a high school diploma or GED

• Be 18 years of age or older

• Complete a curriculum that is approved by the Enterprise Florida Jobs and Education Partnership Grant

• Achieve a minimum score or higher on the nursing assistant competency exam which includes both written and hands on skills testing

By completing your program at FVI, you will possess the skills and hands on training experience necessary to take the certification test. Since 2007 FVI has been preparing students in Miami for new and rewarding careers. Take the next step and contact us today to get started and be on your way to a new future!