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Student Support

Support to Help You Shine!

Student entry analysis   – Upon successful entry into our Nursing program, we identify strengths, weaknesses and roadblocks to success to create individualized training for each student.

Proactive coaching – Our Nursing faculty team along with the program Chair continuously monitors grades, exam scores and overall progress and automatically assigns academic coaching when necessary, before students fall behind.  Rest assured we have your back and will do what we can to help you achieve success!

Peer mentorship – Let’s face it, Nursing is a rigorous but very rewarding career.  To give our students the highest level of support while in the program, we offer all students a peer mentor program that helps them to stay on track.

Effective study habits – Knowing how to take notes and study effectively are skills that are vital to becoming a successful RN or PN.  With vocabulary memorization tricks, effective and simplified note taking shortcuts, creation of study plans and other useful study tips, the course will ensure that the time you dedicate to your program will be as effective as possible!

FVI Learning Technology – Our learning technology is a personalized, mobile optimized learning technology that takes primary, relevant course content and gives you what you need to know now, in the time you have available, to achieve success tomorrow! Resources include eBooks, case studies, labs, virtual simulation and adaptive quizzes.

Focused exam weeks – Exam time can be stressful.  We’ve organized our program delivery so that on weeks of exams, assignments and clinicals are minimized.  This gives our students ample time to study during those weeks.

Clinical site orientations – When students are ready for the clinical site portion of their program, we prepare them by hosting clinical site orientations.  The orientation content, specific to each clinical site, limits stress and prepares our students for the best chance of success when practicing in an actual hospital environment.

NCLEX Success – Not only is our program designed to prepare students to pass the NCLEX, but the exam prep starts at the onset of the Nursing program.  A regular schedule of clinical judgment exercises and video tutorials, test student’s knowledge at every milestone within the program.  When our students have completed the program and are ready to take the actual NCLEX exam, it will feel like second nature, giving nursing graduates the best chance of passing on their first attempt!


For additional information please refer to our Nursing Student Handbook.