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Pros and Cons of Medical Assistant School

As you work your way into the medical industry, medical assistant school is probably going to be one of the first things on your mind. Why? Because it’s a much easier field to work your way into when held in comparison to a doctor or a nurse. Choosing the right career can be challenging, and […]

4 Reasons to Become a Medical Assistant Now

As you look at all of the different potential careers that are open to you in today’s world, you’re probably going to find yourself wondering whether or not you want to attend medical assistant school. Honestly, it’s a good question, especially when you consider all of the different paths that you could potentially take. Why […]

CNA Vs. Phlebotomist – What’s the Difference?

As you think of entering a medical assistant program, you have many of the same questions that other students do. Can you imagine living in a time before the internet, when you would have to ask around and get this information? These days, figuring out the difference between these career choices is much easier, and […]

Fast Track Medical Assistant School

Our medical assistant program is designed to train and prepare students for this exciting new career field. We use a hand on approach to help students develop the skills they need to be prepared for an entry level position in a medical office, clinic, or other medical setting. Depending on the location they choose to […]

Your Responsibilities after Medical Assistant School

Our Medical Assistant program is designed to educate and train students in the relevant aspects of medical office management that include performing specialized tests, booking appointments, preparing patients for physical examinations, insurance billing, and other responsibilities. The role of a medical assistant is vital for the office management for clinics and other medical practices. Once […]

Fast Track to Become a Medical Assistant

Starting a new career in today’s fast paced world is difficult, and as you probably know by now, there is a significant difference between a job and a career – though there seem to be many people who don’t know the difference. The problem with finding a career today is the amount of experience that […]