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Diagnostic Medical Sonography Prerequisites

Ultrasound techs experience the joy of witnessing parents see their child for the first time every day. But before you get to experience this, you’ll need to enroll in the diagnostic medical sonography prerequisites.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Prerequisites: General Education

The knowledge gained from general education courses goes beyond the classroom. They teach critical thinking skills that will help you navigate tough choices and the math you’ll put into practice when budgeting.

FVI’s ultrasound tech certificate program includes the following gen ed courses:

English Composition: English Composition is used every day by ultrasound techs, from writing emails that are easy to understand to updating patient records.
College Math: Not only are math skills essential for personal finances, but they’re also needed in diagnostic medical sonography jobs. Quantitative thinking practiced in math is used to analyze ultrasound imagery.
General Psychology: The lessons learned in psychology classes will come into play in your workplace relationships.
Human Diversity: Understand cultural similarities, differences, and develop cross-cultural understanding.

Medical Classes for Students of the Ultrasound Technician Program

Students need to develop a strong scientific understanding before diving into diagnostic medical sonography courses. Accredited ultrasound technician schools give students the medical knowledge needed to succeed.

These courses include:

Anatomy and Physiology: Students need to understand anatomy to properly diagnose medicalPhoto Of OB-GYN Doing A Test problems. Identify parts of the human body and learn how to spot any abnormalities.
Introduction to Applied Physics: Understanding physics is key to understanding how ultrasound technology works. The information learned in this class comes into play every time you operate ultrasound technology.
Medical Terminology: Ultrasound techs use medical terminology when analyzing images and while discussing results. Properly diagnosing medical issues is critical to helping patients.
Cross-Sectional Anatomy: Cross-sectional images allow medical professionals to identify abnormalities not visible from the outside. Learn how to analyze these images and gain a deeper understanding of the human body.

Required Ultrasound Courses:

Professional Aspects of Sonography: Ultrasound techs aren’t just medical professionals, they’re customer service experts. Develop professional skills and be a great coworker and healthcare provider.
Ultrasound tech with patientSonography Physics & Instrumentation: This course puts your physics knowledge into practice. Discover the basic instrumentation and terminology used in diagnostic medical sonography.
Abdominal Sonography: Learn safe ultrasound scanning practices and how to spot abnormal results.
OB/GYN Sonography: Parents can always use a little extra help. Your ability to analyze pregnancy sonograms will ease minds and give those previous sonography images everyone loves.
Neurosonology/Superficial Structures: Learn the anatomy and physiology of structures located close to the body’s surface. Students gain an understanding of how to spot abnormalities in ultrasounds.
Vascular Sonography: Get out your microscopes, it’s time to take a close look at blood vessels. Use ultrasound technology to record blood vessels and circulations.
Clinical Rotation: All medical professions rely on clinical rotation for efficient scheduling. Students must learn this scheduling system to become reliable members of a healthcare team.

Start Your Ultrasound Technician Training Today

When looking up accredited ultrasound technician schools, you want the best.

FVI’s DMS program gives students hands-on experience. Students will gain a deep understanding of diagnostic medical sonography in our classes. Develop your skills in FVI’s labs and gain the knowledge needed to earn certification.

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