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What Is The Average Web Developer’s Salary?

One of the reasons so many people decide to enroll in programming school in Miami is because they want to reboot their careers. Vocational schools and coding bootcamps are a great way to do just that! It’s a fresh start and a new career as a web developer can be lucrative. There are more money and more job satisfaction. You can even be your own boss.

The most common questions students ask related to this career are about a web developer’s salary and hourly rate. Of course, why would you want to change careers unless you know that you can make a decent living in your chosen profession!

The Average Web Developer Salary

The average web developer salary ranges from $36,830 to $122,320,000 USD for developers that work at firms and agencies. This breakdown into an hourly rate of $17.71 to $58.81.

The median salary (which is the amount that half the web developers earn) is $67,990, which converts to about $32.69 per hour. All this information is based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics summary of 2017 [1].

This salary average range is so wide because there are many factors that influence this pay gap. In fact, web developer salaries can vary more than most – which is good for students who wish to pursue a long-term career as a web developer. There is always room to grow and earn more!

Factors That Influence a Web Developer Salary

There are three important things that influence a web developer’s salary. Understand these and know what kind of jobs you can get as a web developer.

  • Experience

This is the most obvious factor that influences a web developer’s salary. Much like any career you choose, your experience will play an important role in how much you make.

Unlike most professions, you do not need a bachelor’s degree to get a job as a web developer or to become a successful web developer [2]. You can go to a boot camp for web developers, or if you are very disciplined, you can learn online.

Keep these 5 things in mind to land a job as a web dev and build your experience with these goals in mind.

  • Where You Live

Where you live plays a large role in how much you earn as a web developer. You have to find a place that has a high demand for web developers but not a large supply and has a cheaper cost of living. This is the sweet spot!

The good news is that South Florida is one of the best cities to live and work as a web developer. There is a high demand which is increasing, there is a lower supply than other tech hubs, and there is a reasonable cost of living. Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Miami are all listed in the top 100 places for web developers to work [3].

  • Inhouse, Agency, or Contractor

Now that you know where to live, where do you work?

In-house web developers work for a company and will work on the projects solely for that company. Typically, these are companies looking for I.T. staff and someone to maintain their large websites; these are mostly ecommerce companies. These companies tend to be the most stable and “easy going”, and often pay very well. If you progress through the ranks, you can really get the most out of your web developer’s salary!

Agencies are comprised of a large number of web developers and are oftentimes digital marketers that have multiple clients. This is a high-volume environment, and it’s perfect for students who are starting their web dev careers. These agencies can have higher turnover rates because they tend to be more stressful. However, this turn-over rate means you can get a job sooner. You won’t make as much money, but you will gain great experience!  

Contractors are web developers that want to be their own bosses. You will contract to smaller companies, and to agencies for work and then move on to another. This is more difficult because you have to combine your experience as a web developer with some business insights. Beginner web developers can keep this in mind as a goal. Though a web contractor makes more, they also have higher swings. This means you could have a few months where business is good, then a few months where the business is flat.

Interested in a career as a Web Developer?

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