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Web Developer Coding Bootcamp or Self-Study Online Courses?

There is much debate among web developers about coding bootcamps versus self-study online courses.  Each method of study has its own set of advantages and limitations. Both coding bootcamps and self-study courses are easily accessible and more would-be programmers are stuck trying to decide which option is best for them. We are here to help!

Pros and Cons of Coding Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps have been around since 2011 and offered by vocational schools and tech institutes. They noticed the high influx of students who wanted to learn the skills needed to be a web developer but could not afford to spend the time and money required to go back to school full-time to earn a costly 4-year degree.


  • You will remain motivated and keep a steady pace because of the curriculum and overall buzz around fellow students.
  • You are held accountable – not only by a teacher but by the reminder that you have paid for this course.
  • You have access to a teacher if you get stuck and will receive help based on your problem and understanding.
  • You will be awarded a web developer certification that will aid in your search for a job in the field.
  • The curriculum covers the most important languages and skills needed to become a web developer as well as the most important aspects of each skill which will save you time and money.


  • Your schedule is preset, and you will be expected to work around it to some degree.
  • You have to maintain pace with the material or you will not pass, and you will have wasted that opportunity.
  • Coding boot camps are more expensive than self-taught online courses. 
  • Some coding bootcamps will only accept applicants that they deem prepared for the course.
  • You will need to work on assignments and meet deadlines in order to graduate with a certification in web development.