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Make Money Online By Learning To Code

3 Great Career Paths for Coders

Part 2: Make Money Online by Learning to Code

“Make money online!” “Get rich quick in only three minutes per week!” There are so many “get rich quick online” schemes nowadays that most of us have learned to just habitually ignore them. Most reasonable people realize that you need to actually do something useful (and provide something of value to people) in order to make money, whether it’s online or in “the real world.”

For those of us who do actually want to make money online, there are actually some legitimate, realistic ways to do it. You could, for example, become a YouTube celebrity, or a successful blogger. Unfortunately for those who dream of being in the limelight and influencing the proletarian masses, blogging, vlogging, and related content-production fields have a relatively low barrier to entry, which means there’s a lot of competition. To be successful as a content producer, you need to be talented, persistent, exceptional at networking, willing to work long hours with no guarantee of return… and, oftentimes, just plain lucky.

In contrast to 99% of “ways to make money online,” there is one skill that you can learn that will allow you to consistently make a lot of money online, from wherever and whenever you want. That skill is coding. The reason for this is simple: coding is a rare skill that is in huge (and growing) demand, which you can easily engage by using any internet-connected computer, anywhere in the world

The barrier to entry in coding is mostly based on peoples’ fears. People are afraid of learning to code the same way they’re afraid of taking a new math class or trying to learn a new language. The truth is, coding is much easier than most people think. The perceived barrier to entry is actually a blessing in disguise for those undaunted individuals who take the leap into learning to read and write code; it gives them a wide open field to play in, with basically unlimited opportunities to work online, from home, or from anywhere in the world.

Digital nomads are people who take this freedom and run with it, by traveling the world while making good, consistent money from their laptops (occasionally while simultaneously sipping margaritas on a tropical beach). It’s a dream for many, but it’s an easily accessible reality for those who can code.

Kevin Ellerton (, a personal friend of ours at, has been doing this for the past year or so, and he is loving it. Kevin left his Wall Street brokerage firm back in 2010 to be free, live life, travel the world. When he ran out of money in 2013, he realized that he needed to find a new way to make a living… but he had made a solemn vow never again to settle for a career that kept him stuck in one place. So in 2014, at 28 years old, Kevin taught himself HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery. Now he travels the world as a freelance web developer and lives off the income he makes from coding 10-20 hours per week. He doesn’t even have to bother much with advertising; he has enough income from friends and family who need websites built that he is able to live well and save money off of that income alone. Kevin enjoys the freedom to wear pajamas to work.

Kevin Ellerton, hard at work in Colorado, September 2014. Since then, he’s worked as a freelance web developer on the beach in Miami and in Central Park in New York. Next stop: Thailand!

But of course, not everyone wants to become a digital nomad, traveling the world and making money online along the way. For those who prefer a more stable lifestyle, learning to code opens the door to a huge number of amazing, ultra-comfy job opportunities.

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