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Coding Jobs are Everywhere

When most people think about coding jobs, they imagine people working at Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple. But coding jobs are, in fact, much more ubiquitous than that. If coders only worked at “tech companies,” this world would be a much more boring place. Coders in other industries have created much of the cool, useful stuff that we have come to take for granted. “Smart” houses, tsunami detection systems, drones, VR — all have have been programmed by non-tech-industry coders. There are coding jobs from Main Street to Wall Street — from building smarter tractors to writing stock-picking algorithms. In the modern age, every company is a “tech company,” and every company needs good tech people. If you’re thinking about learning to code, don’t worry about having to compete for a job at Facebook or Google. Coding jobs are actually everywhere.


There are abundant career opportunities for coders in the healthcare field. Healthcare companies need coders to program every piece of electronic equipment they produce. Every day, coders work to program and improve pacemakers, robotic limbs, hearing aids, heart monitors, and much more. Coders create the software that hospitals use to track and update patients’ medical histories, organize shifts for thousands of doctors, nurses, and hospital technicians, and work with billing & insurance.


While Wall Street isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, there is certainly a lot of money to be made in the financial industry. In 2016, a lot of that money went to people who know how to code. Once upon a time, traders needed to analyze stock charts by eye and intuition. Today, well-crafted trading algorithms make billions of dollars for “quant hedge funds” like Renaissance Technologies, Citadel, and Two Sigma. Computers, rather than human decision-makers, ran six of the eight most profitable hedge funds in 2015. Commenting on this trend, Business Insider boldly states that “The computers have won.” We would add: so have the programmers.

Financial companies need coders to create other kinds of software as well. Coders create GUIs for companies’ internal trading programs, banking software, and much, more more.


Engineering is one of the most exciting industries for many coders to work in. Coders working for engineering companies are, quite literally, building the future. Mechanical & electrical engineers work hard to build shiny metal robots, and coders make sure they don’t try to take over the world. When the engineers at NASA sends astronauts into outer space, they need good coders to ensure that the spacecraft arrives safely, at the right location, at the right time. NASA needs coders to ensure that the air-locks work properly when a shuttle docks with a space station, and that the astronauts are able to communicate with the people on the ground. When humans finally make the long trip to Mars, solid coders will be needed to ensure their safety, success, and survival.

Coding jobs are literally everywhere, in every sector and every industry, all around the globe (and beyond). If you want to have a wide array of career options, working in many different kinds of industries, the path is clear. Learn to code.