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Need a High-Paying Career Without a Degree? Learn To Work With Computers.

Need a High-Paying Career Without a Degree? Learn To Work With Computers.

Computers are becoming more and more ubiquitous every day. They’re everywhere, from the International Space Station to elementary school classrooms in Zimbabwe to the skinny-jean pockets of teenage hipsters in Midtown and Wynwood and Coconut Grove. It’s a far cry from what the world was like as recently as 1982, when the first laptop was released and taken into space by NASA. Even just ten years ago, iPhones and Androids were still but gleams in their inventors’ eyes. This past decade has ushered in a proliferation of computing technology that represents an unprecedented revolution in the way we live our lives, and with it, it has brought an unprecedented abundance of high-paying career opportunities, for people with and without college degrees.

The American workforce has been struggling to keep up with this incredible boom in computer adoption. Twenty years ago, the few people who used computers every day were called “nerds.” Ten years ago, smart-phones were the domain of businesspeople and tech enthusiasts. More recently, on the other hand, “normal people” have been adopting computers into their lives at a startling rate. In 2014, according to a Nielsen study, the average American spent eleven hours per day staring at screens . According to another 2014 report, nearly 5 hours of that time was spent between smartphones, desktops, laptops, and tablets. Internet media consumption more than doubled between 2010 and 2015 alone [insert chart]. While the consumers of this world seem to have been more than ready for this dawn of the internet age, the producers of this world have been struggling to keep up with the exponentially increasing demand. This, of course, is where the career opportunity comes in.
high-paying career without a degree

We desperately need more computer guys (and girls) to work with the computers that we increasingly rely on for every aspect of our daily lives. We need web developers, coders and programmers to create web and mobile apps that change the way we communicate, find things, make money, and live our lives. We need IT people who can help connect our computer systems, protect our sensitive information, build our clouds and facilitate communications. We need people with all manners of computer skills, to take care of the machines that we all seem to have begun using over the past ten or fifteen years.

At FVI, we’re excited about this situation for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that this 21st century tech boom provides high-paying career opportunities for everyone, not just for those with expensive college degrees.

We at FVI are committed to helping people in Florida (and around the world) who face social and economic obstacles to employment. Unfortunately, many people find themselves in situations that make it very difficult, or even impossible, to spend the time and money required to earn a college degree in the United States. Many find that even after having spent several years and thousands of dollars on an AA or BA degree, they still can’t find a good job or career without advancing to Masters (or even Doctoral) levels. The burgeoning demand for computer skills, on the other hand, levels the playing field in a way that we haven’t seen for generations. Now, the skills that are needed for a wide range of high-paying professions can be learned in a relatively short period of time, either online or through a vocational school. In this way, computer skills provide highly paid career opportunities to those who might otherwise not have access to them. If you have the skills, you can get the job; regardless of college background, work experience, or any other barrier that has traditionally stood in the way of employment, for so many motivated people around the world. We are therefore proud to offer two new programs to teach some of the most highly sought-after computer skills, in both web development and IT Security & Cloud. If you want to get into a high-paying career, but don’t have the time or money to get a 4-year degree, call us at 786-574-3350 and we can figure out the best way for you to get started.