Certified Cloud Professional

Being a Certified Cloud Professional can open the doors of a $55 Billion Job Market

According to Techcrunch, “The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) plans to move away from its own data centers and towards cloud services. The current 10-year deal is worth $109 million, but according to Computer Science Corp. it has the potential to reach $1 billion. Once the process of figuring out which applications will be more suitable for the cloud, they hope they will be able to more easily keep up with industry standards and innovate faster by buying “IT as-a-service rather than buying expensive facilities and hardware that becomes outdated”.

As companies begin to migrate their operations to cloud based services, the demand for information technology professionals with a solid foundation in cloud computing and solutions continues to grow at an above average rate. Cloud professional engineers are fluent in the many areas of cloud computing. Their expertise focus on cloud-based solutions and data storage. “Over the past several years, no other area of IT has generated as much hype, interest and investment as cloud computing.” [1] A certification as a cloud professional demonstrates a proficiency in the cloud skills that are utilized by businesses globally. The cloud is more than the holder of the silver lining… Within Information Technology, cloud computing is being widely accepted as a tool for growing businesses. With an ever expanding field, it is “estimated the public cloud market will reach a record $55 billion dollars in 2015 with expected growth of more than 22 percent by 2018.” [2] Prepared for this growth, a certified cloud professional engineer is prepared to bring your organization up to speed with today’s technology. A cloud professional is knowledgeable of the security and support required for effective cloud usage and storage solutions. “IT pros with solid cloud computing skills continue to be in high demand as more companies adopt cloud technologies.” [3] The Cloud professional engineer program at Florida Vocational institute is designed to provide students with the necessary tools and skills to enter the industry as a certified entry-level cloud professional.

The advantages of the cloud are numerous in nature. Flexibility and reduced costs are the leading reasons motivating the mass migration to cloud computing. The flexibility of the cloud means that your organization is no longer captive to an office, or a server. With cloud computing, the server can be accessed from virtually anywhere. This change can increase the productivity of any team. Financially, businesses are able to expand and contract their IT solutions based on demand. This reduction and expansion is less costly in the cloud. Because there is no need to change equipment, the costs of these changes is considerably less. This versatility of the cloud increases the attractiveness for all types of businesses. “There’s no doubt that the cloud has become a permanent fixture for end users, service providers, as well as companies and organizations of all sizes around the world.”[4] The cloud professional engineer program at FVI School of Nursing and Technology will prepare you with the necessary tools to help you begin your career. The opportunities for cloud professionals are as expansive as the cloud itself! Don’t wait to start a career that has endless possibilities, contact FVI today!





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