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The Role of Student Services

At FVI School of Nursing and Technology, the department of student services is fueled with the goal of supporting student success. This part of the college is intended to support your advancement within your program and the school. “FVI School of Nursing and Technologys mission is to train students to become entry level professionals in high demand careers.”[1] The department of student services plays an instrumental role in supporting the mission of the institute through the support of student success. This is the department that helps to cultivate your progress during and post-graduation through the use of developmental instruments. As noted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s most recent report on student services: “recently, attention of student affairs and services has turned directly to the improvement of student learning outcomes through educational programming that is intended to facilitate the learning goals of the institution.”[2]  Through providing access to programs that support and enhance student development, the department of student services at FVI School of Nursing and Technology nurtures every student in the best suited manner. The principal role of student services is to be responsible for providing students with the necessary assistance and tools to prepare them for success in school and in life!

The department of student services is typically an underutilized asset within the college community. This lack of use may be attributed to the ambiguity of the name in itself. To clarify, the objective of student services is to allow students to have access to academic development and professional guidance. By explaining the role of student services, we hope that you will use the department to provide you with your toolbox for academic and professional success.

Perhaps one of the most important roles of student services at FVI School of Nursing and Technology is to assist in the transition to your new academic environment. Tools for time management are often among the services offered to ease the transition and support ongoing success. This is the office where you will develop your educational plan to meet your career goals. The department of student services will give you access to knowledgeable people that want to ensure you receive the greatest benefit from the college’s resources.

Other roles of student services include skills workshops and career fairs. Career services specialists are available to help you hone your skills and improve your resume. Working with a professional, you are able to better market yourself through your resume. Tasked with supplying students with the applicable resources on and off campus, the department of student services is a gold mine of information. “The purpose of FVI School of Nursing and Technology is to offer affordable training and employable skills in challenging and rewarding careers.”[3] By developing a relationship with your student services office, you will foster the relationships that will aid in your overall success, academically and workwise. Equipped with educational and professional support, the department of student services at FVI School of Nursing and Technology has the experienced specialists to help you to meet and exceed your career goals.


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