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IT Careers

Contrary to popular perception, there’s more to IT than just asking people “have you tried turning it off and on again?” IT, or Information Technology, is a broad field that can encompass everything from coding to server administration & security, to setting up networks for large corporations. Every company needs a good “tech guy” (or tech girl!) to handle their tech-related issues. If you’re good with computers, you’ll find a wide range of lucrative IT careers to choose from.


IT professionals do everything from building apps, to setting up & maintaining computer networks, to consulting with major corporations about hackers and cybersecurity. Don’t let that scare you though! You don’t need to know how to do all of these things in order to get a lucrative job in IT. Rather, most IT professionals are specialized in one area or another, and only use specific skill-sets in their day to day careers.

IT professionals who specialize in building the internet tend to spend their time coding & developing websites, apps, databases and servers. Others focus on cyber-security, and spend their time helping companies protect their valuable data from hackers and accidental leaks. Still others focus on creating computer networks for corporations, that help employees safely & easily share files with each other, use printers & routers, etc.


Depending on the IT skills that you choose to learn, you’ll have access to different kinds of IT Careers. Graduates of our Web Developer program, for example, are highly qualified to work as front-end, back-end, or full-stack web developers. Some even choose to dive deeper into the world of software and app development. Students who take our “IT Security & Cloud Professional” course can go on to work as security engineers, security consultants, network administrators, IA technicians, and much more.

As technology progresses, exciting new IT careers are becoming available all the time. Want to build the Internet of Things or contribute to humanity’s development of AI? Want to work on blockchain technology, or augmented reality? IT professionals are uniquely positioned to work in all of these emerging and exciting fields.


According to, IT specialists in South Florida make an average of $72,608/year (slightly higher than the national average, $69,088). However, as discussed above, there are many fields of IT, so it may be more useful to consider each individually. All data presented below is from

  • IT Professional: $85,460
  • Software Developer: $85,000
  • IT Security Engineer: $84,328
  • IT Security Consultant: $81,494
  • Front-End Web Developer: $76,200
  • Network Administrator: $70,466


We offer two major programs here at FVI: Web Developer & Applications Developer and IT Security & Cloud Professional Engineer. If you love working with websites and apps, you might want to go down the Full-Stack Web Developer path. If you prefer working with servers, security, or computer networks, you might be better off in our IT Security & Cloud Professional program. Either way, in nine months, with evening-only classes designed to work with your schedule, you’ll be fully qualified to start your new, satisfying, stable & lucrative career in IT! Check out our programs by clicking on the links below.