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Cyber Security Jobs

 Most Common Entry Level Cyber Security Jobs!

When it comes to discussing the job market of the future, cybersecurity has often been highlighted as a sought-after line of work that will only continue to grow in popularity and opportunity. According to likely conservative estimates by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cybersecurity sector is expected to grow at 37% per year all the way to 2022. 1 That’s a much faster average growth rate compared to other jobs.

In fact, job openings for cybersecurity positions have grown three times faster than job openings in the overall IT industry.2 As the number of cyber attacks continue to increase and the cyber crime industry continues to flourish, more cyber security jobs will need to be filled to protect businesses, governments, and citizens from the growing threat.

“There always will be security vulnerabilities and we need to embrace it. It just means we will need more security professionals in the future.” – Ksenia Peguero, Senior Research Lead at Synopsys 3

Have you recently finished a degree or technical training program and received your cyber security certifications? Are you looking to enter the cyber security field and begin your career? These are some of the common types of entry-level cyber security jobs you can apply for and the career paths they help jump-start.

IT Technician

Job Description: An Information Technology (IT) Technician maintains computer systems, diagnoses problems, installs software and hardware, regularly tests equipment and programs, and provides instruction and technical support to clients. This entry-level cyber security job can start your career path to Security Consultant.

Average Yearly U.S. Salary: $73,557 4

Network Engineer

Job Description: A Network Engineer is responsible for building, maintaining, and administering a company’s computer networks on a day-to-day basis. They also perform disaster recovery operations and set up protections for data, software, and hardware against physical and cyber attacks. This entry-level cyber security job can start your career path to Penetration Tester or Ethical Hacker.

Average Yearly U.S. Salary: $87,626 4

Information Security Analyst

Job Description: An Information Security Analyst monitors computer networks for security issues and investigates any security breaches they find. Using that information, they will design and implement security systems, set security standards, and operate software to protect from cyber attacks. This entry-level job can start your career path to Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Average Yearly U.S. Salary: $79,580 4

Junior Penetration Tester

Job Description: A Junior Penetration Tester assists senior-level penetration testers to breach clients’ security systems to identify vulnerabilities and carry out solutions. They help regularly analyze systems, create reports, develop unique testing tools, and make necessary improvements to hardware and software. This entry-level job can start your career path to Penetration Tester or Ethical Hacker.

Average Yearly U.S. Salary: $79,100 5

Systems Administrator

Job Description: A System Administrator is responsible for setting up, maintaining, and managing a company’s networked system of computers to ensure all computing operations are running at optimal performance and security. Other responsibilities include troubleshooting hardware, software, and networking issues. This entry-level cyber security job can start your career path to Security Architect.

Average Yearly U.S. Salary: $82,798 4

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