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A Cyber Security Workshop with Alexander Freund

Cyber Security Workshop

Our Cyber Security Workshop took place last Tuesday, at our Miramar Campus. For this amazing class, we had the pleasure of partnering up with Alexander Freund, President of 4ITInc*, a remarkable IT Professional, and Technology expert.

When you choose  Cyber Security Network Technician as a career, there are an array of possibilities in the workforce world, it’s definitely a career that’s in high demand with Florida making the Job Market list with a not-too-shabby number of 12,641  jobs available in areas such as Security Awareness Training, Vulnerability & Risk Analysis,  Network Security, and Secure Software Deployment.

At the workshop, he discussed career track and data loss prevention, policies, ethics, and processes when you work in the Cyber Security world. Bringing a tremendous amount of value as well while sharing “The keys to success in the field”, “Lessons learned”, and “Core Values” when working in the field.

Cyber Security Workshop
Cyber Security Workshop with Alexander Freund

Cyber Security Workshop







Cyber Security – Career Advice

Once you have successfully finished the Cyber Security program, you move to a challenging yet exciting time of your career: getting hired. During our workshop, Alex talked about four keys to keep in mind once you pass that process and got the job. His valuable advice was the following:

Listen – For the three months, spend a lot more time listening, and a lot less time convincing everyone else how much you know.

Be On Time – During your first year (and forever if you can manage it), make sure to be on time every day.

Be Indispensable – Find a technical problem that no one has been able to solve, and solve it.  This can be very difficult, especially if you are on a team that does not normally handle troubleshooting.

Be Communicative – Make sure to have a conversation with your boss about your career plans and where you want to be in a year, 3 years, 5 years, and beyond.

If you’d like to get a taste of the event, you can visit our TechLaunch page here . You can also join us for our next event at the new campus by clicking here.

Cyber Security Workshop

*4it is an award-winning IT firm with locations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale that helps to reduce risk and deliver IT solutions by creating an exchange between clients, employees, and partners.  This important South Florida IT firm, focuses on empowering organizations through people, processes, and tools to securely help overcome the complexity of technology.