Medical Assistant Into A Supervisor

How Can I Grow My Career As A Medical Assistant Into A Supervisor? A health services administration degree is one of the most versatile kinds of degrees that you can have if you’re on track to pursue the administrative side of medicine. Health service administration careers are part of a growing industry. As more and […]

a female nurse with a travel bag

Travel Nursing: Everything that You Need to Know

Travel Nursing Career The COVID-19 pandemic cut deeper into a wound in the healthcare world: the dire shortage of nurses. The patients and short staff of hospitals needed an ally. It was travel nurses who answered the call. But who are these healthcare heroes? What Exactly Does a Travel Nurse Do? Wherever nurses are needed, […]

ultrasound photos on a keyboard

The History of Ultrasound: The Innovations That Led to Today

Ultrasound technology goes further back than you think. That’s not to say diagnostic sonography started as the machines used today. The story of ultrasound shows how far a hypothesis can lead. Shadowy Origins Our story begins with a question: how do bats navigate in the dark? The answer came in 1794 thanks to physiologist Lazzaro […]

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Curious About How to Become an Ultrasound Technician? Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

Ultrasound technicians spot the signs of life-threatening diseases. They introduce parents to their children through pictures. The images they create are important to doctors and patients alike. Where’s what you need to know if you’re considering a career in diagnostic medical sonography. What is Diagnostic Medical Sonography? Diagnostic medical imagery has transformed the world of […]

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Why the Shortage of Hospital Pharmacy Technicians is a National Healthcare Crisis

A survey conducted by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) has uncovered startling news: hospitals are low staffed in pharmacy technicians. How This Crisis is Affecting Hospitals Inventory management. Preparing prescriptions. Processing insurance. These are the little things that pharmacy technicians do that keep hospitals running. It’s their hard work that allows pharmacists […]

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Associate Nursing Degree FAQs Answered

An associate nursing degree is a cost-efficient option for those with a passion for healing. FVI’s nursing program is perfect for students ready to jump into the medical world. How Long Does a Nursing Degree Take? Full-time students of FVI’s nursing program can complete their program in 22 months. What to Expect from a Nursing […]